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I fear my cancer is back

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I was dx with stage 3 melanoma in 1998 and to date have been blessed to have not had a reoccurance but am scared that my cancer might be back, the other night I had an itch on my back , so, I scratched it and knew something was not right, I felt a little lump and it felt "rough", my husband took a picture of the mole so I could see it,  I am thinking my cancer has returned from by the looks of it. I can not be seen by the doctor until May 20th, I am scared! I am not sure if three weeks will make a huge difference, I am trying not to panic but three weeks seems like eternity.

Thank you for listening

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I am waiting on biopsy result. I would recomend go to another dr. If spot not there to long go get it removed even at emergency room. Its not over reacting but we all know about the fear.

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Unfortunately, there are very few replies in this section.  Especially to threads almost a year old with no posts.

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