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I don't feel sick

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I was just diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer and start radiation and chemo next week.  My question is how can I be so sick and not feel sick?  My only problem is the tumor in my esophagus that prevents solid food from going down.  I can do liquids just fine. I'm not quite understanding this whole thing.


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Joel C
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Hi Dean,


That’s the problem with EC, there are very few if any symptoms during the early stages.  I was initially diagnosed with stage 2B and the only symptom I had was pain between the shoulder blades when I swallowed food.  Just remember that even though stage 4 is said to be incurable, there is still good living to be had while we’re here.  If you have specific questions feel free to ask, people on this site have seen it all and are willing to help.


Good luck,


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You will hear those sentiments echoed again and again.  "With that prognosis how could I not be ill?" My husband had a persistent cough. It was only the last month before he was diagnosed that he had difficulty swallowing. Even then we were sure it was nothing.  It"s been five months and still can"t believe it.  That said, there are many people on this board that are good resources. Not as many Stage IV as I would prefer but much of the information applies. Many adhere to strict diet and supplementation while others follow conventional path only of chemo and radiation. I do know that everyone will tell you to get a second opinion at a top cancer center that specializes in esophageal cancer' Ask any question and someone who has been through it will respond.  Best of luck to you.

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