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Back and left side pain...

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I have been having a lot more pain than usual the last 2weekS.   I have had back pain since February.  The dr has sent me for x-rays...which showed nothing.  I have also had a CT scanner...again it showed nothing.  Most of my pain is in the lower back.  I also get a funny pain in my hips...like I hit my funny bone.  But, the worst is the pain under my left rib cage that radiates around to the back.  I don't know how to describe it...  Like a pressure?  my whole torso is achy...like I feel like when I am comming down with the flu.  My oncologist wants to wait another 4 weeks and do a pt/ct scan then.  But next week I have my first consult with an appendix cancer specialist.  

I feel like I am falling apart.  Could this pain be caused by something like adhesions?  What do they feel like?  Could it possibly be a kidney stone?  I have never had one.  I know I should probably just take something...which I probably will...and try not to worry about it until I get to the specialist.  Should I bring it up again at my oncologists office...I have to go in for a port flush tomorrow anyway...I guess I could see what the onc nursethan suggest.  Tonight I am sleeping with a heating pad!


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Is the pain constant or does it come and go? If it's constant it's unlikely to be kidney stones. Kidney stone pain would be the lower back on one side (unless both kidneys had stones). Adhesion(s) would more likely cause a blockage. I don't think it would cause this type of pain. Would about arthritis or degenerative disc disease? Anything like that run in the family?

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Get checked for a Hernia.   When one has a Hernia the other muscles will work harder to balance the inactivity of the hurt  muscle. If one's abdomin had a hernia, then their back muscles would try to balance the body.


Just a thought.

Best Always,  mike

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I’ve had too much experience with Kidney stones since 2006.. Even being a “little dehydrated” can cause the kidneys to not flush out properly.


The pain (for me) would not be consistent unless the particles got too large to pass eventually. The pain would be on one side in my back (left side), and radiate to the front. The small particles can not be identified via a scan or x-ray usually, or easily if at all. Sometimes I’d have a flu-like feeling, or a slight fever to accompany the pain, and sometimes not.


Western medicine has no easy resolve for the problem, but your own body does. Usually the body dissolves small particles before they grow too large. When your body is deficient, it doesn’t do what was intended, and you have problems. I won’t say what finally resolved my problem, I’ll let you guess. It’s not too difficult to guess at anything I do medically, so there’s no monetary prize for guessing correctly…. Just better health (sometimes).

Anyway, your problem could be due to Kidney stones.


Adhesions are also not constant pain, and can come and go. The only time an adhesion causes an obstruction, is when the intestine gets twisted or kinked too much for anything to pass through it. Often too, the pain felt can be from one organ pulling from another that it’s adhered to. The pain would normally be around your abdominal area, to possibly your groin, and not across your back.


Anything (including a hernia) that prevents the normal passage of waste, air, blood, or even mucus will cause discomfort. And the pain is not always consistent or continual, it can come and go…. Like gas pains…..


Small particles, adhesions, and even hernias aren’t noticed too easily with scans, even when they’re looking for them. A good gastro doc or surgeon, might be able to diagnose the symptoms…. And a sonogram might do the trick….


I’d cast a vote for the stones symptom… Try the “natural  home remedies” first. It uses stuff you normally have in your kitchen, and often can solve the “stone” problems.


My hopes for your better health!




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and I think that upper back pain also goes along with kidney problems.  If it was me I would get that checked out asap.  Let us know how it's going~AA

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Hey Alex, i feel your pain!  i countinue to get back pains as well and i have not really thought about it being connected to cancer, i always figured i just did something to my self again :)  I have no advice for you but just to let you know i am sorry and can relate !


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my dad has a similar pain radiating to the back and the doc suggsted pet 2 montsh later by which time the cancer had grown..

i see no harm in getting pet done sooner...by 4 weeks...

hopefully your is not teh tumor...good luck!

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In the beginning of my journey my whole problem started with pain on left side front and back, back and forth.  Initially I was dx'ed with gall stone.  It was big!  Removed and pain in back stayed - called it referred pain as it was on the opposte side of the gall bladder. 

I continued to complain and get tested, until the cc was found.  One month later the colon surgey and chemo and......

Did they test you for gall stones.  It is a HIDA test that would be done.  When I had that test done - Yikes - there was the stone.  I called it a gall-boulder because it was big.

All I know is the pain was horrible.  I was up for days.  Maybe this is a possibility.  And as another signet cell - do not ever stop asking questions.  If your mind and body are telling you it is "something" it may be.  Do not assume it is cancer again, it may just be something else.

We are very aware of our bodies now so continue to work with the Onc or get additional opinions.

Keep us posted.

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I had my appointment with the specialist at UMD yesterday.   He is sending me for a PT/CT scan on Monday.  We discussed the pain issue and he thinks it could possibly be the ovaries.  He was very surprised when I told him that I am still getting my period and that the chemo did not stop it or affect it at all.  He said tthat most likely the ovaries need to come out and that they would do a laproscopic look-see before comming up with a treatment plan.

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