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entertaining lil story_read at your own risk*

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Well my fellow Lymphocytes...I embarked on a weekend getaway with the girls, sponsored by a random stranger

Sit around the campfire while I tell this one...Ok so this random act of kindness complete stranger offered his vacation home on a quaint little lake in Traverse City, Mi for myself and whomever could join me..(sorry if you didn't get your invite)Wink . So I chose to take my little sister and two of my best friends who have been rocks for me through this little whirlwind cancer journey I have been on. As we are packing my two friends develop this idea in their head that this guy and his wife might be luring us to their "vacation home" to rape and pillage us, so they pleaded with me to take my gun. It was against my better judgement, but I packed up "nina" my .9mm and we were off on our adventure. My best friend is driving, which was our first mistake. Love the girl to death, but she is the most unstable erratic driver ever( she never uses the brakes, not even to shift from park to drive). I swear to you, halfway through the 3 hour tour, I developed such amazing car sickness. Finally after almost colliding with a truck, I was like "will you please slow your silly a$$ down we have a gun, a pharmacy and some "pot" with us...lol...she finally used those brakes!! After arriving we checked in and met the alleged rapers and they were the NICEST people I have ever met, they went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and had a good time. They guy literally went out to the garage and got down the paddleboat and 3 kayaks for us to use. Keep in mind this is a random stranger and they rent this house out for $4500 a week and they charged us nothing!These girls felt so guilty about having that 5 second bad thought about these people, it was amazing. The same aforementioned  bad driver finally after me shaming her into going kayaking decides she is gonna give it a whirl. She is scared of the cold water and has never done this before..This is the best part, as I am pushing her "out to sea" as she tells it...I was like "hey buddy just to let you know your paddle is upsidedown, she literally flipped the paddle end over end and almost sunk her battleship right there at the shore. She is all of 5ft tall and to see her flip that paddle end over end instead of merely twisting it so the paddle was faced in the right direction was PRICELESS!!! They proceeded to get drunk on wine from the local wineries and there was much more tom-foolery and hi-jinx but that will have to be part #2.

hope you enjoyed


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You mentioned "getaway with the girls," and I was instantly interested !   What a story !


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I'm ready for part 2, the sequel: "Carie-N-on" - will it involve involve talking or dancing bears?  I can hear the banjo music from "Deliverance" now Wink.  Big hugs wild one.  - Jim

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Wild child :) I would have gone with yoget get going on part two. 


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Hi Carie,

Lol...I loved your story! So ready for part 2 hehehe! (((Hugs)))



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Waiting on part 2 :).  I'll have the popcorn ready!  Hope you're doing okay.


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