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Hi, Goodnight

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Hello, ya know I just felt a little bit of peace just reading all of your posts here, I kinda feel warm inside ... is that silly...i think not.  Well I soo much look forward to hearing from you all tomorrow when I wake up. Im serious I do . I just had a wonderful moment with Raul , he wanted to see what is going on here with my friends and he wanted to see how this whole thing works....He was sooo loving, and hugged me and sat with me ...Oh my, I couldnt have asked for anything more....but if I could ask for one thing it would be YOU...alll of you here to help me , guide me, support me, comfort me and love me..............easy peasy ....((((hugs)))))

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Goodnight to you!  I hope you get a restful good night's sleep.

Sue :)

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Goodnight to night and every night.  Bless your heart.

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a bit late on this one..but HI....

good afternoon...



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