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I had visitors, and also visited my onc.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Sorry I haven't been on lately...my parents came to visit.  We had a great time, and they were wonderful about giving me time to nap too!  They drove all the way from Nebraska, about 3 days.  My dad, crazy guy, loaded up stuff for a yard sale and we did that while they were here.  I couldn't get him to take anything back to sell there though. LOL

The visit with the onc wasn't so fun...I've been coughing and it's often not controllable and often constant....trouble with the pulse ox at chemo, trouble breathing under any exertion.  The doc said that if it doesn't get better he's going to put me on oxygen.  And I now have skin mets on my chest...they're basically lots of little local recurrences...itchy and painful.  So I'm constantly rubbing and scratching in my bra...very attractive let me tell you.

We are giving the current chemo, eribulin, one more infusion to complete another cycle.  That will be two complete cycles.  Then we're going to do another CT scan and appointment.  I'll let you know what happens.




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Thanks for the update Linda:) glad you had a good visit with your parents! You are my inspiration!  Hugs!!!!


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Another lady about 2 months inquired about skin mets.  I know she had a hard time finding the product I mentioned "Miltex".  A cream out of Germany, obtain only if your oncologist ask the FDA to acquire it for compassionate use only.  My friend had skin mets about 10 years ago and it cleared it up in no time.  She had radiation to it at first to no avail, it came back but the "Miltex" worked wonders.  Just a thought.

I found her post it was Kamcat1962 aka Cathy K      copy and paste for the whole post:


Sorry about your coughing.  My cough did go away with Taxol but I am still wheazing all the time.  I've gotten use to it, like it part of me now.  

I hope your cough goes away soon.  I had uncontrollable coughing before diagnose in 2008.  People would look at me and then I had all kinds of offers to get me water, a cough drop and etc.  I was so embarrassed at the time until I learned why the dry cough.  

Thinking of you and sending gentle hugs,



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Doris, you've described the cough and the reaction perfectly!  Even my hubby looks at me funny, and my daughter often offers a ricola.  I will look up the Miltex and see what I can find.  Thanks for the tip.

I hope you are feeling good today!



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Hi Linda,

It has been forever sence I have been on here....just checking up on everyone.

What is the cough caused from....


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Hi Linda,

Sorry the cough and the skin mets are driving you crazy.  I hope the next cycle of chemo helps you feel better.  You are always in my prayers.  



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Glad you got to visit wih your parents. It was rsally cute that your dad wanted to do the garage sale with you, and contribute with his own treasures!
Sorry about the skin mets, I found they are more annoying with the itching than anything else. sone went away on Erubulin and some new ones shoed up. Still better than shingles.
Petty pissy when everytime there is good news like spending timenwith your parents, there has to be a little crappy news to go with ot.
Hang in there,
Hugs and prayers,

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I haven't been on much lately and im finding out about you and cypress cynthia are going thru chemo again im so sorry for that. you two ladies and a few  more have been so helpful to me and others on this board and i want you to know im praying for you,.  

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