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My Surgery Report

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Recovering well from surgery, so far so good. They found cancer in one sentinel node so all were removed.  I will see the oncologest may13th to find out my chemo treatment. A little weepy today... Hormones?... Can't really put any spacific reason why but, trying to stay positive.  With my chemo treatments, If I loose my hair my daughter inlaw who is a cosmetologist told me that when it grows back my hair may be thicker and fuller.  That would be wonderful because my hair is thining out on top... Lol..  Just whated to up date my pink sisters and brothers on my surgery progress, and to thank you all for the wonderful support you have showed me.... GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!   Kathy 

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I hope all will go well for you. It's ok to feel weepy, you were under a lot of stress. Make sure to ask your surgeon about the exersices you should do with your arm (the one with the nodes removed). They will help you to recover faster. I had all my nodes removed too, during lumpectomy last January.

Good Luck and God Bless,


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Glad you are recovering well. I think most will agree that weepy is very normal. I think we go through a lot of stress and changes rather quickly so it is a very emotional time. My hair did come in a little different, it has always been thick but may have came back a little thicker. I was hoping mine would come back gray :o) It is just a darker shade of kinda blah brown! Prayers for you. God Bless

                                    (((hugs))) Janice

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Good to hear from you..


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You are doing well!  Continue to treat yourself with kid gloves and you will get better and better.  Try not to worry about chemo now, and concentrate on feeling good.  There are a lot of options when it comes to chemo and your particular circumstance so there isn't much of a point on putting good energy towards that now. 

Feel good,


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So glad to hear from you Kathy!  And so glad you are doing well.  Being wheepy is normal, you have gone through a lot.  Stay positive and know I think of you daily!


Pink Rose
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Glad to see you posting, but, sorry about the chemo.  Sending hugs to you!


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm glad there there were no issues with the surgery.  You have received good advice from the others here so I won't repeat it.  I will add though...your hair might also come back curly too.  Mine was thick and wavy before chemo and it came back with curls and the same color.  Stay strong.




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Hi Kathy,

So good to hear from you. As others have said, try not to think about chemo right now.  Stay in the moment and recover totally from the surgery.  One battle at a time.  The first battle is over, now relax and get your strength back.  You are doing great!



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Ginny is right.  Just focus on healing and recovering now.  Thanks for checking in and updating us.


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Sounding like you are faring very well. 


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Glad to have signs of good progress from you, Kathy!  I've been waiting to see you on here.  I was more than weepy, so you're doing fine.  Rest and more rest for now.  Everything else is for later.  Hugs, Linda

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The surgery is over now Kathy and you rest and recover.  Thanks for updating us. 

Hugs, Debby

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Hi Kathy,

I'm so glad you are done with your surgery. That is one giant step behind you. You can now exhale a little bit and get ready to start beating the beast with chemo. It isn't easy but nothing worth fighting for ever is. Please keep us posted on your chemo. Remember, keep fighting and never give up. God bless you . You will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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Having your surgery behind you now will allow you to have that part done, so, you can recuperate now.  Try to take it one day at a time. 

Praying for you,


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Well done.  Hair usually comes back thick and curly.  Was disappointed when curls went away eventually and quite liked the grey which also grew out back to normal color.  But any hair was good to have back.  It grew fast too.  Keep comfortable. rest, eat well.  When chemo comes ask all you need to.  Let me mention one thing.  I had four chemo treatments and actually receiving it, through a port, was nothing at alI, didnt even need any one with me after the first time.  Hubby came first time due to the unknown, we ended up bored..........  Everyone different I know.  Just sending good vibes.  

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There is no way to know for sure how your hair will come back as we are each so unique.  Of course back in my years as a Master Cosmetologist all the Chemos that are used today were not available then but it semed to me that my custoers who did go through Chemo usually got their hair back very close to what it had been, or perhaps a bit finer and thinner with a bit more grey.  I was so hoping that when I got my hair back after Chemo that it would be grey.  I am cursed with hair genes from Daddy's side of the family - almost black (but not quite) hair and no greying (Moms side all got gorgeous salt and pepper or totally white).  I get tired of being in a store and being told by total strangers that I shouldn't 'dye' my hair so dark - I DO NOT DYE IT - IT'S JUST HOW IT GROWS!

When you see your DR. ask for a referral to a Certified LymphEdema Therapist - not just some PT that says they know all about LE..   You are now at a higher risk of developing LE with node removal so it is important to get measured before it developes and to learn techniques to help lessen the odds.  Also IF ou do develope it the sooner TX is started the better.

Winyan - The Power Within


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 My daughter inlaw is also a Master Cosmetologist. She taught class for a while but we live in a small town so that didn't pan out well here for her.  I do know what you mean abought the dark hair that was the Curtis side. My grand-faughter's in his 60's had no gray. I myself take after my Dad's, Graying starting in the 40"s...  I will ask for a Certified LymphEdema Therapist A friend of mine see's one down state in Grand Rapids I'll get the Info. Thank You, and Godbless You!   Kathy

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life tolerable after surgery.  It gets better, and better each and every day.


Just a little footnote:  after the completion of my chemo -- my hair started to grow back - more gray than I remember -- and curly.  I attempted to dye my hair myself, as my hair dresser wanted to want for a while - my hair turned bright red, like BOZO the clown.  I now realize I should of waited and had it professional done - several months down the road.  LOL


Vicki Sam



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