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Latest update on my friend

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He saw his urologist yesterday. He was told that the cancer was "very minor" (a new phrase for me about cancer). They are going to wait and watch him for about 6 months. The problem seems to be that his prostrate is so enlarged there is nothing they can do right now. He was given some meds to take with the hope they will decrease the swelling. After that they are talking about doing cryogenic therapy.

I am hoping this works for him and he does not get any worse. If anything changes I will surely update all of you.

I truly appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts you have expressed for him.



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A new phrase for me too.  I hope that by waiting, everything will be ok. I am sure they are excellent doctors and this is what is right for him. 



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Continuing my prayers for your friend.


Hugs, Leeza

Pink Rose
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Thanks for updating us.  Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hoping this works for him too.  How is he doing mentally and his family?  I know this is hard on them.

Sue :)

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