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hi my name is catherine.i have been dealing with adnormal paps with cervical cancer since i was 16.i have had two leaps done.i was clear for almost two yrs till last yr.i had a adnormal pap again for cervical.well i went for my 6 month check up two weeks ago to test to see how it was.they called me today telling me its undetermuned and they need further testing.so on may 13 i am going to the apt so they can take a  small piece of the bottom layer of my uterus and test it.i have never had that done before and i am worried.not only that i am only 28 yrs old.a single mother of three wonderful kids.i dont know what this means of they r doing nor anything.i am trying to keep my head up and yes it is hard not to think about it.can anyone tell me if this happened to u or what.bc i never had to have them take a biopsy of my uterus before.

thank you


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Sorry to hear about your situation. If it's an endometrial biopsy, - I had that and it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable.  It took my doctor 2 days to get back to me with the results.  My thoughts and prayers are with you that the results are favorable for you. There are other things it could be other than cancer.  IF you don't know what your doctor is doing or why at this or any time, it is important, and you certainly have the right to ask questions.  I made a list of questions before I went to the appointment, and took the questions with me.  It is also good to take someone with you who can take notes for you.

If it should be cancer and you are able to, get a referral to a gynecological oncologist - a doctor who specializes in this type of cancer.

May you and your family be well and happy,



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I have hadone before and while it is not fun, it was over fairly quickly and then you wait for the results.  That seems to be the hard part but with 3 kids they will keep you busy to not dwell on it.  I am much older than you are, but the fear was still there.    I will be praying for a healthy outcome for you.  Glad you found this web site because there are a lot of women on here that can and will offer support.  trish

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