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ENT Visit - A Prayer Would Help

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I am still stuggling with a hoarse voice and my chemo doc saying a week ago it could be a tumor.  Thanks for all of your replies to my post about my doc's off the cuff comment about a tumor.  I think he thought; not likely, but just his style.  Anyway that and my continuing hoarse voice four and a half months out of treatment I am a little afraid, not terriffied.  I know some or maybe all of you know the fear of a check up.  Support of people who have been though this is so important.

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I am 13 months out and I still struggle with my voice.  I don’t know what possessed your doctor to say what he did, but I am hoping he is wrong and you are just experiencing normal healing.


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D Lewis
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Still hoarse, a lot of the time.  Also, my ENT told me I could expect to have a sore throat most of the time,owing to the lack of saliva and other issues.  That comment took a lot of the pressure off, as I'm not so upset every time I have a sore throat.  I can take it in stride.


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hoarse and I am 6 months out of Rads . I have worried about it the whole time and every time I have asked my Ro and ENT they have said it is caused from Radiation . I had another surgery today and the ENT checked out my vocal cords while I was out and did a biopsy just to be on the safe side but he said they looked good to him.


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Keep us posted ....



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at 9 months out from rads, but it is improving.  Combinations of the scarring from rads, lack of saliva, overuse (I spend a lot of time talking to people with work) all conspire to keep me sounding somewhat like a frog at times.

It is getting better though.


Remember it is not cancer until someone says it is cancer!

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Prayers flying your way....


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I think it's kind of crazy that your dr would say that. Being hoarse is actually very common after H&N treatment. I really think, and pray that you will get good news. Please keep us posted.

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Awww, and I just think of you as a pony.... susel


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9 months out voice change, a little horse after to much talking as well.  After your Doc confirms no tumor in your best horse voice, FIRE HIM.

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With Ditto1 !! Lol John ! It took me a minute ! duh


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I am 3 years out and people are telling me they still see changes in my voice. Every now and then I start thinking my voice is getting worse which I chalk up to a  phsychological defect in my brain. I think the doc is just covering all his bases. You have earned the right to be afraid but in the same breath I want to tell you to stay positive, your only four months out of treatment. After all the Doctor has a??? ..................you guessed it...............a Practice.........which means he isn't perfect and I believe he just proved that here.



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Prayers coming your way from the Midwest. I am a year post tx and have occasions where my voice fades or cracks, when it does, things cross my mind but nothing bad has come of it 

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All your good wishes and payers did the trick.  Nothing showed up as cancer or anything close to that.  The ENT doc said smooth going for now and will see me monthly for one year.  He agrees that a hoarse voice is just part of the deal for many of us and nothing to be concerned about in and of itself.  I am going to tell my oncologist that he sucks as far as bedside manner goes.  A technically good doc, but a jerk when it comes to dealing with how is paitents will feel.

Thanks again, all of you are great!

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