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Relay for Life - Texas

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I am doing the Relay for Life again this year.  I thought I would add the new names from May 2012 till now on my Lumaniria Bag for the Survivors.  I had no idea how many have joined.  This is really sad that so many more women have been DX with this disease and still we get no research money.  I may do two different bags because there are so many.  Prayers to all.  trish

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 glad you are able to Relay for Life again this year.  It nice you are including those newly diagnosed, too.  We all need the support of others.  Hope you have a great night for it.

It is a shame there are so many affected with any cancer.  In peace and caring.

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Hi Trish:


   Thank you for doing the Relay for Life walk again this year.  Hope you have really good weather.


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Thank you for doing this again this year.  It is a wonderful gesture to remember all the ladies from this board, but so sad that there will be more names to add this year.  I know you found it a moving experience last year.  Good luck.


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