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Dad Update Oncologist visit

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Dad saw the oncologist today.  It was not good and not bad.  As far as the spot they saw on his lung at rehab, the oncologist knew nothing about it.  Told me he did not see anything on the CT that he ordered a couple of weeks before that. 

He wants to wait for another 4 weeks and then rescan.  If he appears stronger and recovered more from the stroke then he might start chemo again.   He feels dad's cancer is not progressing at a dangerous rate and the main thing is to control his pain right now.    He started him on the 75mg fentenayl patches.


I have been getting some rest this past weekend.  Sunday night was rough. Had me awake every hour from 12:30 to 5:30.  The oncologist suggested using his sleeping pills that they were giving him every night in the hospitol. 


Tomorrow he goes to see his regulat doctor and mom goes to do her warfrin check.  Wish me luck.





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kathy, wishing u the very best.  i hope ur dad takes the sleep med so u can both get some much needed sleep.  keeping u all n my prayers.

God bless,


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I was just about to respond to your post from yesterday and was so happy to read this new post from you. I am so sorry your journey has been a bit more than rough lately. And I hope it gets better, it's so good just to hear and understand new news straight from the doctors. So glad he gave you help where you need it, and hope tomorrow's visits even take you a step further to rested and getting your Dad closer to back on track.

Prayers and good wishes are with you and your parents!


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Seeing nothing hopefully is a very good sign and one that continues...


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