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With your permission

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I will continue to be in the NED clan for now, no CT or Pet scan but did see the Onc/and ENT today,, she sent the fire hose down my nose and all looks good, gained 7lbs so the icecream is working.  Just wanted to say thanks to all for prayers that I know we all do for our friends on this site and I have grabed a few of them.  Next CT scan in August, so will try to hold off the scanaxiety until then.

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That is awesome news and I am thrilled for you. Now go out and celebrate with maybe some......ice cream ;-)

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All aboard....



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So glad you and NED are such good friends.. Heck, I think you should celebrate not just with ice cream.. but the entire banana split!!!

Super job! Keep up the good work!


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Fantastic, your good news helps us all.  Hope sometimes is hard to come by, and knowing that there are many surviors out there helps for sure.  Try a banna split blizzard, I can't do ice cream but love the banna split blizzard at DQ.

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Great news!!  I love those words more than any.  Think I'm having a sentimental time lately, I think of all of us who started at the pretty much the same time, last year ....  What a great bunch of bus mates....Laughing 



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Thank you for sharing!

Posts: 1846
Joined: Aug 2010

Thank you for sharing!

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nothing better than seeing NED new's. 



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Ditto 1,

Very clean nose you have there and throat too.


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jim and i
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Congrats on the outcome


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Great to hear that news ....keep it up :)



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continued wishes to remain a member of club NED!


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Fantastic news ditto! Cool

We are doing pretty good us bus mates who got on at the same time as phrannie mentioned. I came on here with good news too!

On Sunday my football (soccer) team won our District Premier Cup Final and as captain of my team I lifted the trophy - twelve months to the day previous I was in Hospital looking like frankenstein with stitches from my throat to my ear, having had a cancer diagnosis then neck dissection, tonsilectomy and tongue biopsy. The team we played against had 8 players playing at semi professional level, were top of the division above us so we were big underdogs and we became the first team from outside the premier division of this league to win the cup in 36 years.

We were losing 1-0 with a minute left and equalised with almost the last kick of the game to take it to extra time. Then it went to penalties and we won 4-3.

I genuinely believe it was my destiny to lift that cup this season - all the guys were over the moon for me after last year and it made an already special day extra special. Although I am still suffering from the Sunday night / Monday morning celebrations! We can overcome this thing, we can win and we can be stronger for it in the end. I remember sitting there feeling pretty sorry for myself in hospital for a short while, cancer at 34 years old; but I picked myself up, worked hard on the physio and have tried really hard to keep myself fit and well - been hammering the gym since my neck was healed enough to lift weights and run. Now I'm a champion!

I know I have been relatively fortunate so far and people have it much worse, but I still felt that this was a turnaround about which to be hugely proud. My Dad, my wife and my son (2) and daughter (4) as well as my brother in law were all there to watch me, and it was great getting pictures with the kids with the cup after the game in the changing rooms. I wish the kind of turnaround I've had to all of you, you all deserve it and I hope each of you can feel some sort of victory or healing the way I have when you get to the other side of your own battles - which you will, and I think my old bus mates are doing amazing so far which is so good to see.

All the Best to you all and long may it continue!


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A great clan to be part of. I feel as long as  they give me good news they can shove the hose in my nose every day. I also have a scan in August that will allow me to stay in the clan. Until then lets enjoy the summer.


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Congrats! celebrate

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