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After HIPEC surgery ideas/tips

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My beautiful bride of 41 years survived a 22 hr appendix cancer HIPEC at MDA april 5th.  shes a fighter.  we are dealing with bathroom issues and eating and drinking now.  any tips on what to and not to eat.  baked chicken, tuna fish, cheese on crackers, and similar seem to be working for hi protein needs.  only can drink water and decaf tea now, other styff like Gatorade guarantee a trip to the bano!  she is doing great considering this was longest HIPEC on record for this hospital.  thanks all for tips.

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She must be a hell of a fighter. Recovery from HIPEC just takes time. Twelve weeks seems to be the magic number. It will take weeks before she has an appetite and wants to eat. I cannot remember specific foods that my husband ate. I do remember he wanted to push himself. He is a big fighter too. Wanted to exercise right away, get right back into his regular routine. We learned that rest seemed to help more than anything. Rest and time. She will get back to her regular old self. My husband went into the surgery with an ileostomy, so bathroom issues haven't been a problem. Good luck.


Just read on the other post that she had breast cancer in 2010. Now cancer of the appendix. Geez. Lucky woman. She must be tough as nails to go through all that she has. I bet she has a positive attitude to carry her through.

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I had real problems with my stomach after my HIPEC surgery.  The Doctors removed 1/2 of it during the surgery and I had a real hard time getting it going again.  I was released from the hospital and went straight downhill.  I couldn't eat anything without it coming back up.  After about 8 days the doctors put me back in the hospital and I stayed another three weeks.  Even after those three weeks I was not eating much solid food.  I just ate and drank what I could. I experimented with different things.  Those morning shakes, different small portions of protein etc.  One day my stomach just woke up and from then on I was ok.  After 2 years I still have stomach issues that I just call my new normal.  I juice in the morning with a combo of fruits, vegatables, nuts and protein powder.  I eat pretty normal lunch and dinners, just smaller portions and I get by.  I also had appendix cancer and had a very long surgery and they removed a lot of stuff, but I would do it again in a minute if I had to.  I also did the 12 rounds of chemo after I got my strength back.  It has been two years last week since the surgery and I consider myself pretty healthy.  Just had scans and blood work done and there is no sign of anything bad.  So have her take her time, eat what you can, and move around the best that you can.  My wife really pushed me to get up and move when I was in the hospital and when I got out.  I walked around alot, first around the house then around the neighborhood.  Now I'm back to running, not the distances that I used to run, but I do what I can.  Good luck to you both.

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thanks all for great comments.  we appreciate your input

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Sounds like she is a real fighter!  i have not had HIPEC yet...not sure if they are going to do it...but I would say just have her try to take it slow.



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