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Doc visit update

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Hello dearhearts

I spent an hour and a half with the doc today going over everything and then some.

Sometimes it just feels never ending. The labs were a mix of some really great values and some maybe worrisome ones. The basic stuff like cholesterol and glucose were fantastic, doc called them perfect. yeah!

White count is still running a bit low, but most of the red counts were good. Doc said that i am showing signs now of being dehydrated.  So I will try to drink much more water and hope that does the trick.

The ca 125 is still trending up. that is what worries me and is now worring the doc some. So I will need to get a ct scan. The scan will cover neck to thighs since I have the lung nodule and the nodule in my neck. he also wants me to get an ultrasound to see how the thyroid ca is doing. Stable I'm hoping. Still having pain which really is so tiring..

Doc suggested an endoscopy, but I declined till we see what and if anything shows from the ct. I'm feeling a bit overloaded at the moment.

So for now that is where I am. Sort of here sort of there feeling.

On a more positive note, I had more energy today and I hope that tomorrow brings even more.

I have booked my return to the Keys for mid May, hopefully I'll have much more energy to deal with the business at hand.

I'll keep you updated when I get my scans and such. Hoping for some positive news in that department.

Huge hugs to all


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Thanks for the update.  I'm glad there is some good news and I hope for even better with your scan.  I'm also glad your energy shows signs of improving and hoping that continues as well.  

Hugs back from North Carolina,


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Hi Lisha, I'm glad you had mixture of good and not so good values, hopefully it's just a matter of time for others to be good values as well considering you have more energy... Wishing your scans will be clean and nothing else is going on.. Hoping everything will turn out benign... Take care sweetie.. Please let us know the good results you will get from doc...

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Yes, we agree with what everyone says.  Hoping the positives will outweigh the negatives.  Think the testing works on the psychke a little.  It will be over soon.  Know the trip will not be fun.  Don't you love it when people say, "Oh it must be nice to go on vacation to FL"  When all of that is done, I have a good suggestion for a relaxing and very interesting book to read.  It's a true story called "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" by Mark Bittner.  Think you will enjoy it, being from the Bay Area.  Becky

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