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Mets returned in lung so back to chemo I go.......

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Well, it was a nice break.  

This is my first posting so here's my quick story, Dx Stage IV in May 2008, colon resection, FOLFOX, liver resection, short NED time until spots returned in lungs, then FOLFIRI, a little more NED time, lung spots persistent, tried FOLFOX again but had to drop the Oxaliplatin due to reactions.  Lung spots weren't growing, but not shrinking either so I opted to try surgery, bi-lateral VATS, 2 days apart in January 2012.   Seem to be permanently stuck with chemobrain and neuropathy.  Anyway, new spot showed up in left lung and is apparently in the lung lining also.    We're going back to FOLFIRI with Zaltrap (I previously had avastin).   

Anyway, with this latest turn of events, I'm trying to stay upbeat, but I have to wonder how many times I can do this.    Any good words from some other survivors would be welcome.






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Oh Connie, I'm so sorry you are back on the rollercoaster ride.  Hope you have a better trip this time.  You know you have support here on this forum so please keep coming back for comfort and suggestions. 

Welcome to the group. I'm sorry you have to join us but we welcome you.

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Sorry to hear it's back. It's tough to get rid of for sure. I've dealt with lung mets for about 6-7 years and had good results with Erbitux and Irinotecan. I also had a few wedge resections early on and even better results with RFA (ablations). It's also a much less invasive procedure but it depends on the location of the mets...


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Sounds like you have a plan to deal with thelung met.  I also have lung mets and am currently on Stivarga chemo pills. They seem to be doing some good. The mets grew some but less than when on Zaltrap. Everyone is different though so maybe Zaltrap will work for you. Pray all goes well. Jeff

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I just completed SBRT radiation for a lung met...couldn't do RFA because it was on a blood vessel. I am also on xeloda. Just another option to look into....best of luck and welcome..~ Ann

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Sorry you are still on this journey but hoping that your doctor and you can put you on a healing path again.


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