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Shaving after radiation

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It’s been 1 month since my husband done with his radiation treatment and he really hates electric razor and wants to go back regulate shaving. When does he can shave regularly?

Any advice will be helpful.



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I am with your husband on this one, even though I used the electric razor, I was not a big fan of it. I had a 5 o'clock shadow 1 hour after using it. The good side of it was that with the constant moving of the electric razor trying to get a close shave, it helped massage my neck and face to move the fluid build up from lymphedema. It kind of started things before I did the gentle massage and stretching exercises that I needed to do daily. 

I think I waited until all the redness went away which was nearly 6 months or so before I switched back to the regular razor.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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If (and I presume they are)..., his blood levels are OK, I'd say he shouldn't have any issues. The main thing with shaving during chemo is low blood counts and risk of infection.

The only thing I can think of limiting during rads would be the torn up skin from rads damage..., that he should know if he feels his skin is in good enough shape for shaving...

Actually, my beard is much less than before, and practically non-existant on the side on my throat I had the higer concentration of rads...

Or at least that's what my husband says.... LOL, just teasing on that part...



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Hi Hetal,

I went with an electric razor several weeks prior to treatment. I shave my head too and while it did pretty good for my face, it didn't come close on my head. 

With the Dx of an unknown primary, I was hit pretty hard in a broad area. There's a line just below my ears where my hair stopped growing. I haven't had to shave my face for weeks. I hope it stays that way. Besides, the left side of my face from the ear down is numb from the neck dissection. I tried using a blade early on and cut myself up due to lack of feeling. I still use a blade on my head. 

I would think that a month may be too soon. His skin has still got to be sensitive. 


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Good catch on the numbness, which I forgot. Not feeling the blade cutting into your face is not good....I looked like a cat clawed me one morning when I tried the blade too soon. Surprised

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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blood work done, pay close attention to his platlet count and his WBC....he doesn't want a little cut turning into a blood fest...and he doesn't want an infection.  Other than that I don't have any experience with the pro's and con's of electric vs. manual blades Laughing


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i was told post treatment of radiation that the area radiated is slow to heal if damaged. just like when we have a tooth removed post treatment. they told me not to shave with razor blade as is you cut yourself it will be very slow to heal and adds risk of infection. 

i have used an electric razor since, good thing the radiation fried 70 percent of my beard. so shaving is limited. 


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Thank you everyone for great advice. My husband doesn’t have any problem on his skin but he still feeling the numbness on his neck. I think its good idea to stick with electric razor.

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