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I have been having the oddest dreams since being diagnosed with Stage IV RCC. The dreams might be classified as nightmares. In the past I would be able to wake myself and remind myself that they are only dreams, but now I can't seem to shake them. Weird dreams - like borrowing my friend's classic convertible and then having it stolen. I then spent the rest of my sleeping time trying to find the car. Last night I had a dream where my wife was going back to college. She was packing up and moving to Madison, WI and leaving me with the kids. Just strange. Is it perhaps a mix of the oxycodone and antidepressant? I was just curious if anyone else had odd dreams since having cancer.

Thanks for humoring me.

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I had crazy dreams when I was on certain anti depressants...ask your Dr...he might be able to change something so you can get some restful sleep.

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I also had some crazy dreams on certain antidepressants. In particular, welbutrin.

But then I can get them now if I eat too much chocolate or ice cream right before bed!

If you don't like the dreams, see about switching the antidepressant and try another. There are lots of them. I know that can be hard to do if it's working for you...


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Thanks for the replies! I never thought about the antidepressant causing the issue. It was roughly about the time the dreams started now that you mention it. I may need to see about switching to a different product. I suppose they have to slowly cut you off the current one first though.

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After previous knee surgeries, Vicodan gave me the strangest dreams. So it may be the pain medication. When I've needed pain medication now, percocet works well with no weirdness.

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For a loooong time after being diagnosed I had weird dreams and recurring nightmares. Didnt really stop until I had come to terms with my disease. In the situation you, we, are in, the mental impact of it all shows, and dreams I guess are a pretty obvious place to vent some of the anxiety and fear...


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I didn't have an odd dream last night, the first night of taking Votrient. I layed in bed thinking this drug is going to kick cancer's ***! Perhaps that helped my mental state. I hope to begin the MAARS program sometime this week. My wife ordered the kit for me and it finally arrived. Too bad the author signed the book for my wife. Smile Oh well...I appreciate the sentiment and that someone is really behind their product.

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