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Monday is not such a bad day...

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That's right, Monday is not such a bad day.

I had my 5 week re-visit with the ENT surgeon who performed by second neck dissection in late March and was told that I was healing "fantastically" and that my tongue (site of the primary tumor) and throat were clean, clear and normal in all respects, and she said again "No Evidence of Disease".

I had anticipated a good report, after all I've been feeling increasingly better, taste is coming back, saliva and I've started my normal exercise routine, walking 4 miles a day in a little more than an hour.  The walk is a bit of a challenge at present, I have to make sure to bring a water bottle, slather up with the million SPF sun block that my wife picked up, and wear a full brim hat, but I'll put up with it to be a little more normal.

A big difference from a year ago, hospitalized with a post chemo infection, critically low blood glucose levels, visual disturbances, a temp of 101, no wonder my wife though she was going to lose me that day.

A lot of recent posts have shared the challenges that so many of our family face every day and while I feel a little guilty feeling so much better, perhaps we can look at this as the rainbow that comes out after a strong storm. 

Here's wishing everyone an easy trip through the hell that treatments are, a speedy recovery, and a return to normal life sooner than later.

Peter :-)

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Good for you! Keep smiling :-)

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I'm just starting radiation and chemo treatments for laryngeal cancer and I'm so full of fears and worries it's hard to take sometimes. I'm so glad to hear your story of hope and success! All the best.


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Congrats, and welcome to Club NED...


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sounds like you're healing pretty darn good!  I love going to the ENT on a monthly basis....getting a NED every 30 days...LOL.  I'm truly impressed with a 4 mile walk every day....keep up the good work!


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