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How i can fight with cancer ?

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Hello I am in 1st stage cancer, what i need to do ? how i can fight with this? What things need to eat? Really i am not feeling good if you have experience about cancer please share with me ?? thx Linda

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YOU have come to right place to get info..



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How can you choose to not 'fight'?  You say nothing about your DX reeally in the thread nor is thre any info in your profile.   All breast cncer is not the same - the type DCIS/LCIS/IDC/ILC/IBC; ER/PR/HER2 status.  The protocol is different.

You came to a BC Forum - so if you are legit - you knew that we all have 'experience' with the different types, stages and ER/PR/HER2.  (I am a 3+ yr post TX (TX = tretment).

WWhat has your medical staff told you?

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4 years ago last Feb. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer.  I read everything I could.  I found a book, "Just Let Me Get Through This".  I also read all I could about nutrition and made lifestyle changes.  I felt lucky to be stage one but knew that the stage did not mean I would never be stage 4.  What a wake up call. It is important  to change the things we can but know that some things we don't control.  I live each day to the fullest and hope for the best.

Stage 1 is a good thing!




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Julia Fortune is a breast cancer survivor who has written her experiences and successful lifestyle changes in her new book Chronicles of A Cancer Survivor. In 2007, her diagnosis devastated her, but she was able to overcome the disease by addressing her health as a whole, and you can too. Written as a manual for newly diagnosed cancer patients as well as anyone searching for a healthier way of life, Chronicles of A Cancer Survivor is a workbook that takes you through the steps you can take to improve the health of your body, mind and spirit.


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