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NJ Shore is awesome another example of wonderful CSN folks

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I had a wonderful conversation with Kari tonight.  She is an awesome friend and wonderful listener.  A wonderful example of the CSN family I have found here.  I was very sad this weekend, but in our conversation I found a few moments of laughter I want to thank her for.  One thing I wanted everyone to know is that even if you have said something that I wasn't ready to hear or didn't want to hear, I know you were saying it out of love and caring for me and David.  It is not so much what people say, but the intent that is given in the message.  There have been so many nights I have been discouraged or feel awful, that I get on CSN and am encouraged, by the thoughtfulness and comments people have made.  I have even read other posts and people bring me up, which makes me know you guys care and think of me.  May God bless each and every one of of you.  You are angels here on Earth.

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What a wonderful assessment of your interaction with the H&N members and this site and Kudos to Kari for taking the extra effort to reach out to Vivian.

I am not as gushy as some, but you folks have made me a better person.


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I'm so glad you were able to connect with Kari. She is one wise woman.

I too find myself coming here every evening for support or just to vent. I again commend you for your commitment to your beloved David. I left the hospital in silent tears tonight, as in 41 years, I've never seen my poor hubby look so sick & frail.

Your heart will tell you when it's okay to go on & make a new life. We never forget the love we had for someone. We just tuck it safely away.



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As each day brings new challenges both on your side of life and on mine, I often think of you and what you must be going through. Sometimes when I find myself having a tough day between work and home, I think of how my dear friend on CSN must feel with her troubles. It makes mine feel a little smaller and I try to be more thankful for what I do have. I'm so glad that you keep us posted both here and on Caringbridge. You are a perfect reminder of how precious life is.

Always thinking of you,



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vivia, thats it!!!  start a phonebook and put ur csn friends in it,  u'd never have to be lonely agai.  there will always be someone for u 2 talk 2!!!  what a blessing.  i'll start u out w/my number in Cincinnati  513-931-6693.  i'm sure ur phonebook will be full by end of day   Cool  take care and start collecting those numbers.  Laughing

vivian, i 4got, i can't talk but i can push the buttons.  once 4 yes and 2 for no.  i know that would b a hassel.  you'll have plenty of people to talk to.  take care.

God bless, dj

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I'm so glad to read that you have had a positive experience and even a few laughs...

Laughter and positive experiences are huge for recovery, I only wish more and more for you.

I know you will get through this, you are a proven warrior and fighter.

I'm sorry that I'm not more sensitive to your needs at time..., I guess it's just the guy in me, and how over the years I guess we learn to protect ourselves.

I can in noway relate to the pain that you go through daily and nightly. But I do want you to know that I do care about you and the many here... We all have a bond, a lot in the positive direction, and unfortunately we share the negative things also..., not uncommon to any family.

Keep moving forward, day by day, week by week...


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I relate when I lost my very close brother-in-law suddenly at age 46. I remember riding in the car and looking at people  going on about their business when our worlld came to a halt. It seemed unreal. I promise you it will get better with time. Continue to surround yourself with people that can make that happen for you.

God Bless,



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You my dear are the awesome one.. I am happy that we are becoming dear friends.. on line and on line :)

Can't wait til this surgery is over, the kitchen is open, and you come visit!

There are many more giggles ahead, and likely more than a few tears - but they are good tears, they are cleansing of the pain that has happened to you.. Davids pain in gone, but now it's ok that it's about you... but those will clear, the sun will shine and the books will flow.. all in good time. Meanwhile, we are family and not going any where.

Love and hugs, Kari

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