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Checking in

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Hello dearhearts,

I know that I've been MIA lately, but I have tried to follow your posts. Lots of newbies, A big welcome to you all.

Many of you know that we lost a dear family friend about six weeks ago. Well we had another loss the first week in April. Our business was being run by a close friend, who passed away.

It feels like it never ends, all the sadness and stress and drama of life..

I had to fly to Florida for the service and to check on the running of the business. This was my first flight since my surgery.

I've been home about 2 weeks now, but very ill. I knew my counts were low before the trip, but thought that if I was extra careful I could avoid all the nasty germs. Wrong! Within 2 days of getting off the plane, down I went, so sick. Today is the first day that I have any energy at all, it's limited at best.

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the doc to go over my recent labs. About a month ago my ca 125 started to creep up a little, so these newest labs have me worried some.

Hopefully all will be fine. I'll need to return to the east coast in a few weeks since the business now needs me to oversee it.

I am so ready for less stress and more relaxing times.

For Sue, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! So So Happy For You......

I'll try to keep up with the posts and reply when energy allows.

You all are the BEST.

Huge hugs



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Hi Lisha I couldn't get in earlier tonight maybe our Internet not sure... While I waspraying earlier tonight around 8:30 I thought of Nathan and about posting new post since haven't heard from him and also thought about you for some reason that again we havent heard from you and wished to put both your names it's funny and you wrote... I'm sorry about all you're going through... Can't stay long here I have a lot going on lately sadness of my Dad still along other loved ones we grew to love that we've met during our hospital stay ... Happy about can't recall exact name malchan the engaged couple and appreciate your feedbacks to my ?s.. WBC was 13.3 this time neutrophils is also high need to get it checked out...I have something that could only be malignant 5% but maybe need further testing not sure...had it before had big surgery before 2.5 yrs back have it again... Regardless wishing new ones on board clean results and Nathan if youread this please let us know how you are...Thanks...

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Hey there my Libra friend...

  Been wondering how things are with you since the wedding. I'm so sorry about your business partner. We also lost a very dear friend last week...sudden and with no reason. She just had a massive heart attack and was gone. So sad. I'm sorry you are not feeling well...was so hoping to hear happy good news. Yes...I was so thrilled to finally hear that I'm in remission instead of being told "again" that I was stable. I know it's just a word, but remission just sounds better to me than stable. Smile Please share back what your labs show tomorrow. I think about you so often and always hope all is well. Take care my friend...

Love...Sue  (FNHL-2-3a-6/10-age62) In Remission Smile

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It's always good to hear from you!  I'm sorry you have been sick and hope you feel better soon and your lab results will be good.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.  I lost an uncle this past Saturday to cancer and plan to attend the funeral tomorrow - he favored my mother a lot, so I'll be thinking of her too.  We lost her several years ago.  These things are always tough.

Please post when you can and hoping some rays of sunshine will beam through for you.

Hugs - Jim


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Hi Lisha,

Really nice to hear from you, just wish things were better for you! I seriously don't know how you do it Lisha, you've been through so much and still you manage to keep going! I really do admire you...for your strength and courage! Please take care of yourself and please let us know what the dr says. (((Hugs)))



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