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Excercise after radical nephrectomy

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Hi there.  I am on my 13th week of recovery from my right nephrectomy.  i am back to work (office work only) but i am gaining weight. i am already overweight and i wanted to shed those pounds.  anyone here knows what excersise i can engage in? i still have pain in my incision and flank.

thanks for you time :)

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Hi Rea,

I am glad to hear you are doing better, and back at work. I am trying to get myself back into shape by walking everyday and swimming. The swimming is especially good as you are supported by the water, it is a good all rounder when it comes to a work out.

All the best


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Was it open or laparascopic? I had laparascopic and was back at full speed, running and lifting weights, after 6 weeks (started slowly after 4 weeks), which my surgeon said was quite ok.


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A lot depends on whether it was open or laproscopic. Open takes longer to recover from. Mine was Laproscopic and I took a hike up and down Snquallmie falls near Seattle at 6 weeks. Strenuous stuff like water skiing took me almost a year. A lot depends on your physial heath and age. Everyone is different. Try walking or hiking to the extent you can tolerate it. Also discus this with your doctors to the extent you feel necessary. There is no one size fits all as far as recovery.



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Rea, whatever your choice of exercise, choose something low intensity for several months. Walk more. Bike. Losing weight means burning calories and that means longer duration activities. May not be the time to worry about vanity. Consider this opportunity to revamp your diet. Good luck.

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I'm at ten weeks post-laproscopic radical nephrectomy, and I'm up to running 45 miles a week on trails.  I was an ultramarathoner before the operation, and it helped my recovery a lot.  My doctor didn't give me any physical restrictions after the staples were out.  The weird feeling in my abdomen gradually got less and less and now is completely gone.  I told my wife today I can outrun cancer, and she looked at me and said "no you cant."

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That's pretty damned impressive!! The only story I've heard here that's comparable is a guy who paid a fleeting visit just over a year ago. He told us that he arrived home 6 hours after leaving the operating theatre, was given no painkillers at all and was working out in the gym 2 weeks after his open nephrectomy.  However, we've never heard from him again!

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So as you do not herniate the abdomen muscles.  Other than that, slowly get back to usual routine of exercise.  Wear a "Japanese" surgery belt on middle when you exercise

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