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A New Contraption Has Been Added Into The Mix

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I think I'm learning way more about medicine than I ever wanted to know. Not really. Some of it is scary, but interesting.

Hubby's Nephrologist was called in because the Lasix is not doing a good job of removing fluid. In order to deter further kidney damage, a central line was put in hubby's neck that connects to a machine that removes his blood, removes the water from his blood, & then puts the blood back. It will run continuoussly for a few days to a week until the desired amount of water has been removed. I was a bit comforted to see his Nephrologist there at 9 PM to start the procedure. It's sort of like dialysis, but doesn't remove the minerals & electrolytes. This also tells me I have a few days to select a Skilled Nursing Facility for rehab.

My son, grandson, & I visited one facility today. It was okay, not great, but okay. They didn't have a private room available which will be a priority item for me, knowing my husband.

He's doing as well as can be expected. The poor guy has so many tubes & lines in him. At least he's dozing through some of this.

Will check another facility tomorrow & keep you guys updated. I just had a silly thought. I wonder what this blood filtration does to the chemo he's received. I wonder if it's null & void now.



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Every day on this site is a learning experience. What is around the next corner?

Stay strong, my hopes and prayers are with you both.


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are slowing down enough for you not to have to go thru the phone book and pick a place that way....thank gawd!  It's not easy picking a place, either....I remember when we were looking for an assisted living place for my mom....not only did we want her to be safe and get the care she needed, but all the asthetic's had to to fit her criteria.  Sending positive thoughts you can find a good one that can take him in quickly.

The machine sounds interesting, and so much more effective than lasix. 

Hoping all the above will allow you to get some much needed sleep.  It's hard to be on your toes when you've not collected 6 hours of shut eye straight thru in weeks. 


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Wolfen (My 2nd Mom?),

From the very first time I visited the site and read posts, yours have stood out as being full of strength, dignity, honor and committment. Attributes one does not see as often in this world of ours and sadly one does not see too often these days in a committed relatonship. You have shown these attributes and dozens more in your committment to your husband and yet at the same time can ask for an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on and show your vulnerabilities. 

Your posts have given me much valued and needed insight as to what it means to be a caretaker and they've helped me in my relationship with Marcia as we navigate this storm called cancer. Being a caregiver is every bit as difficult as being the patient. I've been able to keep this in perspective when I've had and have my rough spots (there have been many and I'm not the easiest patient!). When you're in the midst of the storm, you forget many of the little things that bring you joy. I realized while typing this that I haven't slept next to Marcia in close to 6 weeks! My life has been relegated to a recliner so I can sleep upright. What I wouldn't do to have 6-8 hours uninterrupted spoon time about now! 

At least it seems as if your husband's doctors are recognizing the seriousness of the situation and taking action. Positive thoughts and prayers beiing sent your way that you find the perfect fit for you and him in assisted living/rehab.



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I too am amazed at the medical world around us.  And until you're in the middle of it you have no idea the wonders that are beng used every single day.  Maybe my age is showing a bit here.  OOOPPPS.  I am keeping your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.  And Wolfen, I have no doubt you will find the right nursing care for him.  I laugh to myself.....they better be on their best game or else our friend Wolfen will give them the what not !  Seriously girl, take a breath you are doing everything right.  Hugs sent !   Katie 

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jim and i
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So happy you will have more time for that important decision. God will lead you to the right facility. As always you are both in my prayers.



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both fighters !

When my hubby found out he was ill, he immediately gave up and refused treatment, leaving me to care for him and my ten year old daughter. Now the big C has me in it's sights I downright refuse to let my daughter go through this again. Like you both, I'm going to fight. Having my little grandson ring my doorbell every day just to say "I love you" lifts my spirits. The other day the surgeon told me I had a little better than a 50/50 chance of a complete cure - I'm extatic ! I'ts at least a good possibility.

I've read some of your posts, you are a real inspiration. Thank you.

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