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Doing well

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Hi to all,

I thought it would be nice to share some good news. I'm almost 6 months post rad and doing well. Saw three of my doctors in the past week or so, and they are all happy with my progress.

My ability to taste is much better. It still fades while eating, but it should only get better in time.

I'm getting used to my new lisp that losing a third of my tongue created. I think my speech bothers me much more than anyone I talk to. They understand me fine.

Many weeks ago it felt like I would never feel better and be rid of painful mouth sores. I came to this site and found so much support. I am thankful.

I hope this will give others encouragement. The effects of chemo and radiation will get better, even though it may not feel like it ever will. Don't give up.


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Nice to hear you are doing well.  I think we often sound worse to ourselves than to others.  Except when using a drive-up window, I still have to repeat myself a bit.

Keep getting better,


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Good to know that things are improving well enough that you can tell they are.  Good reports from the Dr.'s, plus the healing....it IS a good day....Smile.


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I am so happy to hear things are going well !  Yes, it's reports like yours that give the people in or starting tx's the much needed hope of the finish line.  I too, am very frustrated with my perception of my speech.  And I had nothing near what you endured.  Now I just laugh when people say hunh ?  And I slow my talking down a tad.  Being from the midwest we tend to talk a bit more animated (fast) than most other places.  Again Vicki, I am so glad things are going so well for you !  Keep us posted !  Hugs sent !   Katie 

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All that you describe...., exactly what I've been saying, LOL...

And from here, it will continue to get better...



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Katie is right on, I started thinking my name was HUH, seemed many times I would say something and get HUH???   Well I to am from the midwest so have a bit of OKie twange even before thoart cancer, I was always told I mumbled.  Well now I mumble with a little lisp, so I slow down and repeat if necessary, and I have noticed HUH maybe was not my new name.  Glad you are doing well.

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