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Another Week: Treatment Goes On

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Had yet another of my weekly trips to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), my home away from home. I also had an extra trip of Wednesday for a CT Scan.

I saw the medical oncologist, himself, (rather than his PA). I see the medical oncologist about once every three weeks.

The report of the CT was not back, but the MO reads all the slides himself anyway. There were no new nodules, and the old nodules did not seem to grow. The old nodules had a more dense appearance, which the MO made light of.

The high creatinine seemed to clear. So I received the full treatment: Taxol and Erbitux. That's good.

It seems that I will be on this chemo regimen for a long time.

During infusion, my hand started bleeding and got the call-button/tv-remote colored. Once noticed, it was easy to stop the bleeding.

A nurse noticed that one of my toes seemed infected; so, I got a course of antibiotics. The cracking on the hands and feet is being handled by CeraVe, an OTC lotion.

Two days post chemo: I feel quite good, except for the extreme fatigue. Rick.

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In total it sounds like you are doing as well as anybody on such regiment, maybe better. I was only on Erbitux for a short while and dealt with the cracked fingers with Liquid Band-Aid, see a crack fill it up.  I guess your body adapted to the treatments, at least you do not feel too bad.  It seems fatigue is one aspect we all share.

Nice to hear from you, take care,


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Glad to hear the chemo isn't beating up on you too badly. I've heard that Udder Cream is good for the cracked hands & feet & wearing sox. Keep on keepin' on, buddy.



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and I'm so glad to hear the creatine issue cleared up so you could get your full treatment....I know you weren't happy at all about not getting it last week. 

I have a horrible problem with my hands cracking in the winter, and my feet cracking in the summer....it is so painful.  Since you are using some OTC creams....here's what cures mine (and has even been known to do it over night if they aren't too deep)....Bag Balm and either cotton socks or cotton gloves.  Just put it on before you go to bed, slide into your socks and gloves and wake up pain free.  Since they don't make the dainty Sunday gloves for men, the only cotton gloves I can think of that are man sized are those brown kind you can get at a Farm and Ranch Store. 


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Hi P,

Look at online photo supply stores. People handling negatives and prints wear cheap thin cotton gloves to keep fingerprints off things.

I like the Bag Balm tip too. LOL


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I'm so happy that creatinine is at an exceptable level.  And Rick, your words sound strong !  I will always stay amazed at your strenghth.  Please continue to let us know how you are, and I am learning so much from you !  Thank you my friend !   Katie   

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It's worth it, keep fighting on brother...


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doing better, hope you keep getting better.  In our prayers

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Happy to hear you are doing better. Sounds like the treatment is working. Stay strong and keep the fiaith.


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Good to hear from you. The scan results sound very positive and I'm glad to hear that.

Glad you're feeling good....as I know the fatigue can be a little draining on us.

Take care of yourself and keep us posted.




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