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Quick history:

The last few years I have had extreme cramping (keeps me up at night until I over medicated) and heavy bleeding accompianed by fatigue and a period that lasts 5 to 7 days. It stops for a day or two and then returns for another day. At the begining of this month I became ill. I had blood in my stool, I noticied I put on over 20lbs in a short period of time (now it looks like I am pregnant) and I had cramps that spread to my knees. Went to the dr and was set up for an ultrasound of my adominal organs and a pelvic. Also a transvaginal was done. The symptoms persisted and when I went to the next appointment she informed me that my endo lining was 3 inches thick and my uterus was enlarged. I also have cysts on both ovaries. At this point they are saying those are functional. The next week I started my period which ran for 4 days. Same symptoms, same pains. I ended up at the ER because the bleeding was severly heavy. They repeated the ultrasound with measurements of 9.5 cm x 5.4 cm x 5.4 and the lining was 5.6 mm they also noted one of the cysts to be complex and 1.5 cm.

Returned for follow up ultrasound and now awaiting results. I also need to add that I have not had a regular stool in sometime even with the softners that have been reccomended by the dr. Am I crazy or is something going on here?

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Please keep on seeking medical help.   I had been in so much pain that I would double over.  The physician ordered pain pills.   But if I waited until the pain began, it usually took several hours before the pills would take effect.   The pain started in my lower back (or middle of my body) and would end up down my left leg).  This had gone on for over a year.  I felt that something was definitely wrong.   I would describe my pain as if someone were twisting my insides - kinda like wringing water out of a towel.  Also having bowel problems - not normal elimination.  small stringy stuff (sorry about the visual!).  Also I would be hungry, but got full very quickly.   Sometimes it would seem like I didn't have enough spit to swallow.  I would have to drink water.  Also had a lot of gas - burping.

Initially, I went to my PC who didn't see anything wrong but I persisted because I was having bowel issues so he ordered a colonscopy.   I had that done and it was fine.   Still having problems and very concerned I went to my gyne.   He had indicated that I had endometriosis (I had 3 C-sections) which I didn't know.   Anyway he ordered a transvaginal ultrasound.   Didn't show anything except my left ovary was deep and I had a tilted uterus.   But finally my gyn indicated for me to have a laparoscopy.  After the laparoscopy he said that I had so much endometriosis that I would need a hysterectomy.  I was put on lupron for six months to stop my periods and to help loosen the adhesions to make the surgery easier for the surgeon.   Being on Lupron stopped my pain at that time.   They also indicated that I didn't need any further tests (CT scans, etc) because he didn't believe it was cancer.

Had the hysterectomy which went well and a week later when I went for my check-up I was told that the pathology report came back with cancer in both my uterus and my left ovary.   I then needed to have a staging surgery.  I was finally diagnosed withd Grade 2, Stage 3a endometrial adenocarcinoma (although they could not determine where the initial cancer orginated).  (Please note that this all happened in 2005 - almost 8 years ago!)


Please do not take my case as something that will happen to you.   I just want you do be vigilant with your seeking help.  If you do not feel right, keep checking it out.   You are not crazy.  You know your body.



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I couldn't begin to guess as to what's causing your symptoms, but your body is telling you loud and clear that something is going on.  And the issue may very well be non-serious.  However, be persistent until you receive answers that satisfy you.  The good thing is that you are in the process of getting this checked out.  I know how scary it is when you don't know what's causing your discomfort and symptoms because we all tend to fear the worst.  Sending good thoughts your way!

Take care,


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I was finally diagnosed when I demanded a CT.  I spent a month going to my doctor who kept telling me that I was constipated, then that it was just gas. I even went to the ER who just did an x-ray and gave me an enema and sent me home. My doctor called me the day after my CT, apologizing for not ordering the CT right off.  I had debulking surgery on October 31 of 2012 and just finished my 18 weekly carbo/taxol treatments. I'm just saying to be persistent and demand answers. 

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ask for an ova one test or CA 125. One of these should be done anytime you have a complex ovary. Hanf in there, one day at a time. Kim

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