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Just to say HEY

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I just wanted to jump in here and say hey to all my CSN family.  I know I have not posted in a while and feel bad when I think back to all the folks that responded to my post.  Please be aware I read most every post and pray daily for all of you.  Im so glad to know that some of the regulars are still offering their advice and comfort and humor.  P51, Tim, Skiffin, KTTeacher, Billy and many others from when I went thru treatment.  Also a shout out to the ones travling this road over the last year, that have carried on the torch to let everyone know this cancer can be dealt with and most with good outcomes.  I know we have had many successful endings and unfortunetly some sad ones.  Diane has kept me up on the Facebook aspect of many of you and caringbridge.  I guess since so much good information is being provided to all newcomers my offerings may be redundant, but again just wanted to say Hey and wish everyone the best. 

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Ditto 1,

You  are a welcome and good redundant.

Glad you and Diane are doing well.  Are you still helping out at the hospital?


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Thanks for posting...always love hearing good news


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still volunteering at the hospital.  So far so good.  Just got home from todays volunteer work.  I answer the phones and point folks in the right direction, I hope. 

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Glad to see you kicking....

But I do see you and Diane on Shelley and my FaceBook too



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It's nice to see you, always!!  It's hard to believe we started this journey in earnest about a year ago, now.  It was a year ago Weds that I had my first chemo and my first rad.  Look at us now!!  Ok, so we're a little short on spit and taste, but generally speaking we're up and running a full speed.

I'm going to retire on June 3rd!!  I'm a little nervous, but a whole lot excited.  Never again will I have to drag my butt out the door at midnight in the middle of a blizzard to go to work and get beat up because of the weather (my biggest freedom will be never fretting about the weather again). 

Hugs to you and Mrs. Ditto, too.


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Gald to see your post on this forum....I accepted your friend request on fb and hope to see you on there often as well......

I too don't post as much as I used too..but I do keep up.  Glad to see you and Diane are doing well....

..and boy do I sure appreciate those prayers .....I really do think they make a difference....if not always on the outside, they do on the inside wherever our journeys may lead ....



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