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Sister having surgery

Lynn Smith
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My sister was dx last year(july) with Breast Cancer.Two different kinds in each breast.Rare.I thought she told me she was having reconstruction the same time but found out she didn't.(I'm not sure they do that the same time. I had a lumpectomy and not familar with masectomy.  

Anyway Monday she's have her reconstruction. She can take anything and not worry. BUT  I'm worried now. She saw her plastic surgeon and had tests on her heart.One side of her heart isn't working.She's has no symptons.Her blood pressure is high(now on meds) and she has a cold  and taking antibiotics.Still surgery is going to happen in a few days(3).She seems ready. I asked her if it  would be safe.No problem for her.If she goes in on Monday and has any problems I'm sure surgery won't go on. I have to think that but wonder.I think she should wait a while with all this going on at once.

I'm just not to sure about this.Any thoughts???

Lynn Smith     

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I don't know Lynn.  If she is running a fever, they won't do the surgery.  Not sure about her heart condition.  I wish I had some better answers for you. 

I am praying that she will get better and hopefully have a successful surgery with no problems.  I know you're worried and I would be too. 

Hugs to you and your sister,


Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

Thank You for the info.my feelings are the same as yours.If she shows any signs of sickness or heart problems I'm sure the doctor will cancel the surgery.Probably some testing first.She hasn't been on meds(heart and cold) but this week.Her body hasn't been able to adjust to her meds long enough.For the cold or the heart. 

I also think her doctor will evaluate her Monday before surgery.I'm calling her Sunday and see how she's doing.If she sounds bad she needs to cancel. I will tell her that.

Lynn Smith 

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I am thinking the same as you two.  Is she any better today?  I don't think her surgeon would risk operating on her if he wasn't for sure she was going to be ok.

Good luck to her!

New Flower
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 I think you need to let her know about your concerns. When i had my surgery my PC gave me a clearance for  a 8-hour major surgery. she was not comfortable with my ECG and requested  Stress Echo and consultation with cardiologist. Cardiologist gave me a clearance for my reconstruction surgery.

If her vitals will be off they should not proceed and re-schedule. Usually it takes a lot of coordination for scheduling with Plastic surgeon a reconstruction surgery, therefore they try to keep their schedule. Recovery is usually easy when patient is healthy and in a good immune status. Sorry if I made you more nervous 

Good luck

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Is she suppose to see the surgeon or call his office before tomorrow to let them know how she is?  I sure hope she is feeling better and can have her surgery.  If not, I am sure they will postpone it.

Sorry Lynn, I will be praying for her,


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Wishing your sis good luck incase she does have her surgery tomorrow.  Keep us updated Lynn please.

Hugs, Diane

Lynn Smith
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When I talked to her the other day she didn't seem to think there were any problems. I could tell it was a cold.Talked to her Sunday and she seemed to change.She told me she was exhausted all day Saturday.She knew how I felt the other day about having reconstruction monday.Then she said "I don't know if they will do Surgery tomorrow"(came to her senses).She coughed and cleared her throat as I talked to her.So her intentions are to go and see what the doctor says.It's definetly a cold. She just didn't feel that way a few days ago.Maybe she started feeling worse but she listening now to me.She's now in reality. 

Will see how tomorrow goes.This reconstruction is in the doctors office.A shock to me.She's divorced, got a nice settlement but she has to live the rest of her life.She was just changing insurance companies when dx and the insurance said it was a pre-existing condition.Have no idea how.She found the tumor herself.Hadn't seen a doctor.  Insurance denied her Masectomy/Reconstruction surgery.Cost was $75,000(she's making payments) .Now she ready for her reconstruction.I guess with the cost of hospital rooms etc the doctor is doing it in his office as outpatient. The cost is the room($2700).She already is paying on the other 2 surgeries.Masectomy and  Reconstruction. I think I understood right. 

I feel bad for her.She's waited months for this and now she may have to wait longer.Her heart situaton(not pumping properly) worries me too.And high blood pressure.She just  started blood pressure meds this week.I would be afraid the blood pressure meds haven't taken effect yet.

Her surgery (maybe) is at 8 am.I will let everyone know. I'm  worried.Her son is taking her and her daughter is picking her up.Her daughter and granddaughter(who's 18) live with her and it's starting to get to her.She's under alot of stress.

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

My sister had her surgery. She asked the doctor about the cold and he said a tube will be down her throat and if she coughed it would be through the tube.She sounded better today.Not as much coughing and sniffles like yesterday.She took her cold antibiotic and  her pre med antibiotic last night.The pre meds are taken many times before surgery.I have to  pre med before dental work since I have a heart murmur and tachycardia.Also  surgeries.This is her first time taking meds before surgery but had to since they found her heart problems last week

She's fine now.I'm happy.She and I are the only ones left in our family.Parents are gone and our sister had chronic leukeima and many other medical problems.She was told she had to live the rest of her life with a trach and she preferred not to. I was the one that  made the decision for her to live a  years before with medical personal present.She wanted to live then. Years later she changed her mind and I supported her the second time and she signed the papers. 

Thank You for your concerns.We were all thinking the same,Should she have surgery?? She did and it was OK.Honestly though if it was me I would cancel.I really would!!!! It wasn't a emergency.

Lynn Smith 

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Good news!  Thanks for updating us and sending lots of prayers and hugs to your sister!

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I am like you Lynn, I probably would have cancelled.  But, it all worked out for your sister.  Wishing her a speedy recovery!

She's lucky to have such a good sister in you!

Sue :)

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Sending healing thoughts and good wishes!

Lynn Smith
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My sister said she was supposed to be a C(her reconstruction).She was a D before but she feels it's not what she thought.She thinks she's flat (her opinion). I haven't seen her but she doesn't seem happy with the reconstuction.Maybe something you don;t notice in the beginning.

Lynn Smith     

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Megan M
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Lynn, how is your sister doing now?  Is she feeling better about the reconstruction?

Hugs, Megan


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