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Spam email

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I know this doesn't have anything to do with cancer, but I just joined this board this week and I've received 2 spam emails in the CSN email with those scammers asking you to put money into a foreign bank account.  I know it's just junk mail, but how can I stop it or can CSN prevent it somehow? It seems they are below the scum of the earth to be sending this junk to people dealing with cancer.  Anyone else have this issue?

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I've gotten them too. Rather low even for SPAMMERS. Just report them then block them. I understand they're doing what the can to prevent it...

And WE have cancer!

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On the 2nd email I had an option to block them, which I did.  I did report them through the "Contact Us" area of the CSN, don't know how much that will stop them, but it makes me feel better :-)  I did send them a rude reply, which I'm sure won't matter either

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I find these emails amusing.  They don't care about anybody but themselves. They will send you email no matter what our situation is, with no feeling or compassion. They are HEARTLESS!

How do you block them and report them, Phil?

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To all CSN members,

Your reports, that include the person's CSN username, are critical for us to learn about these violations. We don't monitor members' private messages for violations so this is the single most-critical piece of information we need. Unfortunately, many people don't report violations, or if they do, they don't include the username. By the time we actually get the information, hundreds of members have been sent one of the messages. It seems that they tend to target the newest members, men, or women, depending on what they are trying to do.  

Many thanks,
aka Your CSN staff

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