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Oncology Doctor

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Gosh been awhile since I posted, this has burned me emotionally...  Since 2009 I have been battling uterine Cancer. I go into remission then it comes back in one form or another so it seems. On the advice of my present Oncologist she wanted me to get second opinion. I agreed to go to the Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha ( I dont mind being honest about where I went)... I ended up seeing the rudest Onco.  It's been a struggle for me, minus adrymicyn all other drugs only put me in remission for months, whereas Adrymicyn gave me yr and half.  The reason for visit was to see if my present onoclogist is on right track with treatments.......well this doc told me there is no more chemo treatments that can help me, yes bascially said go home and die.  I was flabergasted, actually wanted to tell him off. How dare he!  I cried along side my husband that nite, wondering what to do, get things ready for the end, even talked to him about his choice in new wife. Then I took a look at myself and wondered, here I am still working, still doing for myself, and the reason for second opinion was cuz we just cant' get a handle on this.  My uterine cancer has caused some fluid build up in and around lung area, god bless me no lung cancer, and now it's moved to my right breast only the areola area. Uterine cancer is never found to travel to breast.  But to be told to go home and die.....REALLY!.... 

After a meeting with my oncologist today, found that she is not in agreement with his choice of what he'd use to keep me going. Here's the thing, Im self suffiicent, Im doing for myself, I am eating and so on, it's these darn reoccrances.  My oncologists tells me today that I am not the only one that this has gone to breast , it seems two ladies who have uterine cancer have had same symptoms as myself. They found one in Lincoln, Ne, and the other in PA. Ovarian cancer is usually one that spreads to breast.  My doc was surprised to hear and the Oncologist her partner said it's going to be gemszar and oxyplatin for his patient, and she not only has it in her breast but in other ares of body and such a young age as 40. My doc came up with Gemszar and the oxyplatin before i went and seen the "oncologist with his second opinion".  I am afraid of living, and dieing now. This second opinion doc has scared me emotionally. I have decided to check into cancer centres of america and going May 7th for thier advice, guidance with food and homopathic vitamins and medications.  I told them on the phone I dont' believe in all the years of reserach there is only 3 drugs out there, and 2 from platin family for ppl like me. I am going into chemo for my 4th time when I return from chicago. I have started radiation on my areola area due to the pain and inflamation, as I have been told I have tissue cancer in that area, and it's not spread thank the good lord.  I hope the radiation works and I can see a good improvement in that area.

I will never give up, I will not take "no" for an answer. The angerier I get the more fight I have. Someone has an answer for me out there and I intende to find it. I told my sister if and when I get into remission and I will take 2 yrs as a guideline Im going back to his office and ask him if he "remembers me" meaning the doc who told me to go home and die. 

I believe in God his power his strength and ask for it. Yet there are some days where that is tested perhaps due to the devil is stopping in and making me crazy. I am young and will never give up! There is treatments out there with diet and exercise that will make this cancer of mine stay away and give me a good healthy life.

Thank u all for listening


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I wish you the best in your treatment and a lot of patience and strength to overcome the obstacles. Virtual hugs...

One small correction to prevent a possible meltdown from the ovarian board.

OVARIAN CANCER normally DOES NOT SPREAD TO THE BREAST. Primary ovarian carcinoma with metastasis to the breast is rare, with only 39 cases reported in the current literature. Ovarian metastasis to the breast presenting as inflammatory breast carcinoma is even more infrequent, with only 6 cases reported.

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Sorry for all you are going through.  Glad you are getting another opinion.  Glad you still have "the fight" in you.  Continue to live each day.  I have been on this journey since 2009, si I understand your frustrations.  I too have been through chemo 3 times and will probably start a fourth time.  Good luck with your new opinion.  In peace and caring.

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Kathy G.
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Best of luck, Brenda. My thoughts and prayers are with you!Embarassed

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"Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up."


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Thank you Winston Churchill. NEVER,NEVER , NEVER GIVE UP...I dont' plan on it. I plan on fighting.THANK YOU........Im not laid up in bed, im out doing lifes' chores, working, and driving myself to radiation each day.  i am going to be fine, .......i believe that.

Thank you

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When i get done at amercian cancer centres of america i'll be going back to chemo for the 4th time. I heard the other day of a woman who has breast cancer and going thru treatment for 4th time. BLESS HER HEART...That is will and determination. I want that and continue to build on my streangth. 

I wish you well with chemo, and god bless you!

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I was diagnosed in 2007.  I've had sugery (twice) radiotherapy, chemotherapy and I'm now on hormone therapy (letrozole).  My tumour is low grade but persistent!  Nothing seems to finish it off completely and no one understands why!  But it is under control with the hormone therapy and I live my life each day, doing most of the things I've always done.  They tell me it is incurable and from the research I've read, that's an accurate picture. However it's still treatable and so I tend to think of it as the same as any other chronic disease - flare ups that are treated and periods of respite in between.  When the current hormone treatment stops working, there are other hormones.  When they stop working, or when it spreads, then there are other chemos - Gemzar, Doxil etc.  The list isn't endless, but it is a list and if I end up working my way through it, then so be it!  Hopefully when I get to the end of the list, there will be something else rolling off the production line for me to try.


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When i feel depressed im coming back to read your words Hellie C.... words like yours perhaps is something I need to hear, although in many ways I felt that, I just couldn't find the patience you have written your feelings with.   I know my cancer is not cureable but treatable and I will hold everything u write in my heart each day.  I  believe as you do that there is more than a few drugs out there, and there always will be.  You have opened my heart and I have put you in there, you came into my life when I needed the write words.  If you were close I would make a trip to hug you.....and thank you....I can't help thinking what a awesome person with your positive thoughts and feelings, your family friends are blessed. My next treatment is gemzar, research i've done it seems to be chemo of choice for many dagnosis.


Thank you Brenda

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Bless you, Brenda.  Your post to me was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.  If I have helped in a small way, then that is what this board is all about - walking with each other and trying to take some of the weight when one of us is struggling with our load.

Let's keep on walking and show cancer that we don't give up easily.

Kindest wishes
Helen x

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Helen thank you I will keep trying, Im not ready to go anywhere yet, and I say that to myself everyday.  Im here, and I want to be, no giving up!  Some ppl upset me with thier talk and behavior, makes me feel like im on the last leg, and nearly convinced me to come home and just wait.  How  said it makes me feel!  My friend told me her Uncle was told go to go get his affairs in order that was over 40yrs ago, and that was many years ago before all our modern technology, how strong of a man was he. If he would have listened he would have just layed thier waiting for his time. Im happy my friend told me the story. Gives me hope deep inside. Although nervous about going to Cancer Centre of America, I do know they say they treat the whole body not just the disease, maybe that is what I need.....

God bless you


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You and I both were diagnosed with uterine in 2009,  mine was the more aggressive type called MMMT.  You didn't mention if yours was the MMMT or UPSC (hoping I have the latter one correct?).  

As I've always suggested to others, this cancer has a mind of it's own and if it wants to keep a place in a particular person and move around, it will....or jump in and out of another and be gone, it will!!!  We truly have no control and my oncolgosit told me after all treatments when I asked him WHAT ARE MY CHANCES FROM HERE?  His response, basically out of our hands and in the  hands of the man upstairs (God or whatever we depict as our higher power).  

I truly love your NEVER GIVING UP AND WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON attitude!!!!!!  So much of our journey starts in our minds and this is what seems to get us thru all the ups/downs.  I'm never 100% sure where I'll be in a few years, but boy oh boy I will never give up on my life.  You go girl!!!!

One area I'd like to comment, CANCER CENTERS OF AMERICA.  I'm not into swaying anyone here, just throwing out some things I've learned about this facility.  They're definitely FOR PROFIT and will NOT even consider you until they've checked your insurance coverage.  Some people as well have mentioned not taking Medicare???  We have a good friend whose ex-wife works at one of the facilities in upper management.  I've heard such great stories about the nicities they do for the employees -- free steak for lunch, limos to pick them up for work at their homes, free classses for any of the non-medical classes, etc.  But on the other side of patient care, I'm not so sure it's all that its cracked up to be in the news.  Now remember this is my opinion and learned lots from a few others who've gone there or attempted to get in, but didn't have the right kind of insurance or money.  I always like to learn from others, and if nothing else this will give you more information when looking at the facility.    In the end, you do what is best for YOU.

Keep the faith and one day you will go back to that lame doc and show him how YOU'RE STILL AMONGST THE LIVING!!!!

Best to you and thanks for stopping by....






















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You show him, Brenda.  Will be interested in hearing about your experience with the Cancer Centers of America.  Wonder what our oncologists think about them.

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