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3 weeks

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It has been three weeks since David died.  I had one big melt down today.  I was completing paperwork for an upcoming doctor appointment and they asked for my emergency contact.  OMG I didn't have one.  I called David's mom in tears and she told me to put her down.  This is really a rough ride.  Thanks to all my CSN friends for keeping me going.

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OK, you can put me down for “little “emergencies, but you have to let me call Phrannie or Billie if it is a “big”emergency (LOL).

Little smile,


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My heart is breaking for you. I'm sorry you are hurting so bad. I am however happy you have what sounds like a wonderful mother in law and brother in law.
As Matt said, we'll be your contacts

Hugs my friend.

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I believe this is really a rough ride... And is completely normal that you feel this way now. My husband's grandfather died this year. He died after few months of suffering, so it was kind of relief for everybody and especially for grandmother that he went to a better place without pain. So at the beginning grandmother felt calm and somehow she was ok. But a month after she started to feel sadness and she realized that he is really gone and that will never come back. It all came behind. But she is better now.

It's great that you have your in-laws who are your real family at this point! It will be ok, Vivian! You'll see.... with time! I'll pray for that!

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So sorry that these little things are popping up right now and becoming a big thing. Unfortunately, I think you will be coming across these little things that turn big for awhile. Hopefully, someday you can smile when you come across them.

I could be your emergency contact too...Laughing

Take Care,


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I'm glad that David's Mother has included you as family.., that's huge and something to be very proud of. I know that you are hurting..., but consider her pain as well.

You have both lost someone very special, your husband, her son.

I'm sure you both are connected through David's live, now in healing.

So I'm glad for you..., you do have someone that can relate like none of us, you share a bond.



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So sorry for your on going pain and loneliness, however as others have said, its good knowing Davids mother and brother have been close to you thru this, its been a tragic loss to all of you.   Just wanted you to know Diane and I keep you in our prayers.

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