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I forgot to ask this....

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I forgot to ask this in my last post. Jason as been experiencing problems with is eyesight lately. He says it just "goes black" for a few seconds. Sometimes when he stands up (his blood pressure dropping would explain that) but it also happens when he just sits still. I know the chemo can cause blurry vision, etc. but this is more than just blurry, it goes completely black. His dr. is aware of it. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi Kris,

Yes, this can be a side effect of Oxi, it's called "ocular toxicity".  You can find information related to this by doing a google search on chemo and vision loss.

Take care, hugs (())


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I'm gonna google it right now....Wink

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I didn't know it had a name, I just lumped it under the 'Chemo.....' as in Chemo brain. Chemo tongue, Chemo skin. So yes, I have chemo eyes.  

My biggest problem with the eyes is that my eyelashes have fallen out, so my eyes are constantly watering, and everything gets to them. 

Ah! Don't we have it good?!!!

Still, back to Jason, I'd mention it again (and maybe again) to your Oncologist. I go over all of my side-effects every time I see the Oncologist. I breeze over the most common ones, but want more information about the most annoying. 

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Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of this. It's good to know!!!


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I like the term chemo eyes. I had to have both eyes have cateraks taken off eyes becauses of chemo. Hope they can figure out what is going on. Jeff

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Also happened to me, but not very often.  Also, my eyes would twitch back and forth and wouldn't be able to see for a second and that was a really weird feeling too.  That oxy is a very nasty drug.  Glad that you are telling your doctor everything - that's very important.


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Knowing that Jason isn't the only one this has happened to makes me feel better. (not that I feel "good" about it happening to anyone!) We asked again at the dr. when he went to have the pump taken off & they said it's from the Oxy.....that's some tough stuff for sure! Cool

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