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20 somethings for Hodgkins survivors

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Hello. I am 23 and had Hodgkins when I was 19. I am looking to connect and chat with others in there 20's about any difficulties they have had( from long term effects) etc...



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  Just wanted to welcome you to the group, but can't help with your long term effects questions, as I have Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and I'm 62. We have other young folks in the group that will hopefully see your post and jump in to help. I'll push your post to the top of discussion with hopes of more answers to come for you. Take care, and best wishes...Sue


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I am 57, but have a best friend who got Stage IV HL when he was 15. He took the old MOPP combination treatment (seldom used today), and has been in total remission for nearly 30 years now. I hope his story is a beacon of hope for you, especially since the drugs used today are so much more effective than what was available then.

As Sue noted, there are a good many bloggers here who are in their 20s, and I am sure they will chime in.


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Hi Melissa and welcome!  Cathyp seems to have a lot of info related to long term side effects - though she's not in the age category you indicated. I'm sure she as well as others will respond.

Hugs - Jim

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