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CAM: Hydrazine Sulfate

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John hopefully you will provide some information here, also perhaps Tony.  I know you have both mentioned this supplement.


NCI site detailed information: 


NCI overview:

Hydrazine sulfate is a chemical compound that has been studied as a treatment for cancer and certain side effects caused by cancer.

Hydrazine sulfate may block the tumor from taking in glucose, which is a type of sugar that tumor cells need to grow.

In randomized clinical trials (a type of research study), hydrazine sulfate did not make tumors shrink or go away. In some randomized trials, however, hydrazine sulfate was reported to be helpful in treating anorexia and cachexia caused by cancer.

Hydrazine sulfate is sold as a dietary supplement in the United States. The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of hydrazine sulfate as a cancer treatment, except in clinical trials. 


As many of you have experienced with your loved ones or yourself, loss of muscle mass and body weight is a devastating aspect of advanced cancer.  There are studies that indicate benefit from hydrazine sulfate as it relates to improvement in metabolism, appetite, and less cancer-related muscle wasting.

If anyone on the site is currently using this supplement or has considered it, could you kindly post your thoughts here?

Best to all -- Cynthia



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You can learn the truth about Hydrazine Sulfate here:

http://scri.ngen.com/ and here: http://www.hydrazinesulfate.org/


There’s more at the Syracuse Cancer Research Center (scri) website, and a simple Google for the center will result in a ton more.


And the American Cancer Society site has some info regarding it: http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/complementaryandalternativemedicine/pharmacologicalandbiologicaltreatment/hydrazine-sulfate


As the SCRI information notes, during the original testing for FDA approval, the companies doing the testing did not follow the cautions of using HS (an MAOI) with other drugs, or not heeding to a diet that conforms to a diet required during the use of an MAOI. Neglecting the requirements of the usage of an MAOI caused the drug to fail the tests.


Many FDA approved drugs are of the MAOI class, as well as many of the older anti-depression drugs. The requirement for a special (but reasonable) diet, and precautions regarding the taking of other drugs while taking an MAOI, is the same for all drugs of that class.


The Syracuse Cancer Research Center does not sell Hydrazine Sulfate and they do not charge for information regarding Hydrazine Sulfate. They do offer information for the use of the drug, and answer questions regarding it. They are easy to talk to, and worth a call if you’re truly interested in using HS.


I bought two bottles of HS from a very well known and respected Natural Foods supplier out west (USA). The cost was $30 per bottle of  100 capsules, and enough for the full treatment. The bottles are still sitting in my drug cabinet after buying it quite a few years back. I haven’t found the need for it yet, but wanted to make sure I had it if/when I find the need to use it. For me, it’s my backup plan; I’m not into “drugs”, if you didn’t know that already, but I will do whatever it takes if what I originally chose fails. (I haven’t taken herbs for cancer in around three or four years now). That major company “out west” does –not- list Hydrazine Sulfate in their catalog (on line or off line), and you have to ask specifically for it.


If this is something you’re interested in, please try to ignore the bad publicity that you’ll read on the web. The data is biased and rhetorical, and is repeated from one web site to another. It’s unfortunate, but the truth about anything is getting more and more difficult to find on the web lately…..


Hydrazine Sulfate appears to work well for stifling and/or stopping Cachexia. Read the Dr. Gold article and see what you think.


If I have a choice of having toxic chemicals pumped into my veins, or popping some Hydrazine Sulfate tablets, I would choose the HS first.


Best wishes,





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Yes, I am continually trying to be mindful that one will find both the negative and the positive presented in research.  I try to read both.  I suppose the truth lies somewhere inside of us ... what resonates, what seems meaningful, what feels like hope, what works.  Thanks again -- Cynthia

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