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Hi there,


any of you fabulous ladies taking tamoxifen at time of diagnosis?

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I had a lump cut out of my breast in 2009.  The surgeon wanted me to go ON tamoxifen and I told her NO!  It was BENIGN and one of the side effects of tamoxifen (a very powerful drug) is that is can cause uterine cancer.  Well, I ended up not needing any help in that area.

I am curious as to who recommended this or where you heard this? 

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I had breast  cancer.  I have been on tamoxifen for three years.  Just had a tranvaginal sonogram due to very heavy and long periods. Thick lining and a very large polyp was found.  Having the polyp removed and d & c on Tuesday.  Just curious to see if anyone else had been on tamoxifen Prior to cancer dx.

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Rare, but not uncommon.  Go over to the breast cancer board and post this question.  Altho Tamoxifen suppresses ovaries from producing estrogen and it blocks the estrogen receptors on bc tumors, for some reason, the uterus treats it as estrogen so anything that might be growing there that likes estrogen, loves tamoxifen.   Premenopausal women with estrogen positive breast cancer cannot take aromotase inhibitors so must take tamoxifen.  And they are supposed to be monitored closely for any signs of endometrial cancer.    

I'm on Tamoxifen now, but didn't need it to get endometral cancer.  Got both breast cancer and endo cancer at the same time all on my own.    I switched from an aromotase inhibitor to tamoxifen recently because of some potential side effects from arimidex.

It seems that the potential side effects of so many drugs we take can be awful.  Hopefully the benefits outweigh the risks.   We now also know that long term use of hormone replacement therapy can cause breast cancer.  I used hrt for 5 years.  Did it contribute??  Who knows.

 I hope your D & C goes well on Tuesday. 


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Thank you.  I'll pop over to the BC site.  I will also let you know the outcome.  



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