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One Year Ago

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Tomorrow is the anniversary of when Hubby was first diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Seems like so long ago and seems like only yesterday at the same time.

He has had one cancer free scan, that was in October. Next appointment is Friday and we expect more scans. Scanxiety set in early. Hubby noticed a knot in his neck about six weeks ago. Not like the knot when he first found the cancer.  This is more in the muscle behind and below his ear. Neck is stiff. Hoping it is radiation scaring but still anxious.

All in all, he is continuing to make progress. Taste is coming back, as is saliva. Still needs lots of liquids when eating and sweet stuff is too sweet. He has gained 6 pounds in 3 months. Sidenite: doesn't quit seem fair. I can gain 6 pounds on a good weekend!

To all of you just starting the journey, hang in there. You can do it. To old friends, continue to heal. Prayers all around. I'll report back after the doc appointment.


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deb, congrats on the 1 yr mark.  that's a big one.  i understand the anxiety about the new lump.  u wouldn't be human f u weren't scared.  praying its not cancer and i'm saying a prayer 4 that now.  hang in there and try to stay positive.  Cool

God bless,


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Prayers for a great scan!

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