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Hi My husband was diagnosed 2yrs ago

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 My husband has big issues with his sugar dropping since the surgery. Drs dont know why. Anyone exsperince this also. 

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I am surprised that your husband’s doctors are not aware of the relationship between dumping syndrome and hypoglycemia. Many of us who have had an esophagectomy with the corresponding gastric pull up have random “dumping syndrome” episodes. “Dumping” can be caused by a number of issues but the common elements are eating too much (or sometimes any) processed sugars or simple carbohydrates, eating too much at one time, or eating too fast.

 Here is a brief overview on “Dumping Syndrome”:


Here is a recommended diet that can help with these issues:


Here is an article you may wish to give to your husband’s doctors that gives a medical overview of the relationship between “reactive hypoglycemia” and late stage dumping syndrome.


Many of us who have had the same surgery you husband had have experienced reactive hypoglycemia events. When it happens he needs to get some sugar and protein quickly and the shakiness and other symptoms will pass. Then he needs to stabilize his blood sugar with some long term protein like peanut butter. I always carry a small protein snack (like crackers and peanut butter) to deal with these little surprises when they show up.  His first meal of the day should always be primarily protein with minimal simple carbohydrates.  A good breakfast would be eggs, a bagel and cream cheese, or an English muffin and peanut butter. A not good breakfast would be cereal or a donut, or pancakes and syrup.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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Hi. We were told about dumpimg syndrome. They thought it was that. Anthony had lots of complications so they had to remove his stomach.We are gratfull that he is here but he is having such a issue with eating and his sugar going very low.  We are back and forth to ny. Today they called and want to admitt him for further testing. Trying to convince him to do so is hard. He was in the hospital for many months. Also he has to have surgery on his feeding tube because it has been out a year and it keeps leaking. after that he has to have surgery on hernias which are too many to count , so i'm hoping this is all resolved  before then . thank you for your advice..  God Bless


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