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chronic urethritis

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I am almost 4 years after treatment, but my urethritis seems to be getting worse. I have to use numbing cream all too often. Anyone else have this problem?

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I'm so sorry you are having this problem--it doesn't sound like any fun.  I have not had this happen--yet anyway.  What do your doctors say about this--is there anything else besides the numbing cream that can be used?  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.  I hope you can find something that makes you feel better!

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What are the symptoms?

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constant burning, urgency, burning on urination

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I am two years post treatment and have mild urgency and burning, tho I think the urgency thing is because I drink so much tea and then get too busy like a little kid to "go" until the last minute. The burning is not too bad, yet I often use Viva paper towel rinsed in warm water to wipe if at home to soothe a bit. Yours sounds cronic. Can it be treated with antibiotics to get under control? I feel for you, and hope someone has a tip to help.

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Try D-Manoose. I went through just this problem last week and was steered to this supplement by a local urologist. It is binds to and flushes out e-coli bacteria. We survivors have so many bowel movements as you know. There can be "mixing." I, like you am a big tea drinker, even though I only drink decaf and herbal mint, it still makes me go all the time. You will need to stay close to the bathroom re: soft stools - when you take it. I used Vibrant Health products (I am a fan of this company as you can see by my posts) "UT Crisis Intervention Formula" and it cleared up in a about 30 hours. I am perfectly fine now. There are many supplement companies that sell D-Manoose. It has been around in old world countries for a very long time but it seems like it is new to us Americans who go for antibiotics instead. The Urologists office said 80 percent of urinary tract infections are e-coli related.

It won't hurt you to try it.

Also, we need to apply Vitamin E to all our "private parts" daily and top that with Aquaphor. Our skin needs a lot of nurture after all it went through.

Let us know. Don't continue to put up with this though. Chronic is not good.



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