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ugh was told margins were not clear

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It's me again, "first IDC now SCC"  I had my follow up after surgery appt today.  My surgeon told me my margins weren't clear on two place on my lip.  One being close to surface, the other inside.  She said she was going to talk to my team tonight at the tumor board meeting and is hopng my rad onc thinks he can kill the rest with the 36 rad treatments I will be starting soon.  If not, I will have to have another surgery.  I sure hope not, she did a really good job on my lip but if she has to remove more I won't have such good results.

She also told me to prepare for chemo again, they are as sure as they can be before my lung biopsy that the nodules are cancer.  Okay, just finished chemo 4 months ago, but I will do what I have to do.  They are also certian it's my breast cancer in my lungs not the SCC.  My surgeon said my rad onc was right, I am just a weird case:)  Me I am going to keep hoping it isn't until my path report says it is!

So I go back next Monday to get my stiches out and to find out if there will be a second surgery on my mouth.  Thanks all for all of your help and support:)


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Oh my, is all I can say. All of that and what came across as a positive attitude! You must be one strong Lady, hang in there, I will be saying my prayers for the crew tonight and that means you!

God Bless, keep that upbeat I willl Survive attitude it works!


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I am hoping your team comes up with a good way to successfully treat your (weird) condition.  By following up with rads and more chemo we are hoping for a knockout punch.

Keep thinking positive,


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Thank you:) I am trying to remain positve because really if I don't and start to dwell too much, I will just be back in bed with the covers over my head.  I was there for a bit but then I looked at my, 7 month old (today) grandson and my fight mode was back on and strong:) You all know how it knocks you down but you also know we fight like he-- to stop it from knocking us out! 

You all,  with all of your stories of courage and triumph, are all very inspiring to me.


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patti, i'm sorry to hear about all this but i'm glad u looked at ur grandchild and got ur fight back.  u can do this, u just need 2 stay strong.  hang in there and we will all b here 4 u.

God bless you and ur n my prayers.


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Kids certainly have a way of pushing us forward....certainly one of God's greatest gifts. Prayers are with you!

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didn't come back clear....that would be a blow....but I also have a lot of faith that these Dr.'s can do wonders to make us look ok....they truly understand that is something that is truly something we need.  And, I was thinking too....I had NPC (nasalpharyngeal carcinoma)....behind the nose.....there was no surgery for it, since there is only a membrane between that and the brain, and therefore no margins at all that are clear....they might just be able to get yours with the chemo and the rads....with no further surgery.  One way or another, you grandbaby will know who Nana is....and love you just the same.

Going to tuck you in phrannie's pocket....there's a party going on in there these days.....several wonderful folks in there with you.


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So sorry to hear this news.  John (Skiffin) calls us abi-normal, I think that you and I are ABI, all capital letters!  This happened to me after my preliminary biopsy by ENT.  He took a good size chunk, a week later--scc, no clean margins.  The next week I was at Stanford (tumor board) surgery followed the next week.  As much, even more tissue was taken from my upper lip.  Pathology was conducted immediately and doctor had to remove stitches and take more.  I was asleep,  my poor husband was in the waiting room!  Those wonderful grandchildren keep us going.  Not fun waiting or going under again but it will be worth it.

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Thanks all, and I do truly believe my team feels the imortance of keeping me looking as close as they can to myself:) I stood infront of the mirror a couple days ago, there I was, 45years old with no breasts, scars like you wouldn't believe, just an inch and a half of hair (its coming back slowly) and a lip and chin that looked like frankenstien:)  I said "who and the hell are you?!"  Every day as I heal I am amazed at how normal my lower lip/chin looks, they sure can do wonders. 

ABI all caps for sure lol.  The team I am seeing at the University of Chicago DCAM all have years and years of experience and I have them scratching their heads:)  I also see in them, their fight mode going into over drive, they do not want to beat either and that makes me feel like I am in the best hands:)  I trust them completly and know they will do everything in their power to help me win!

Thanks again all, you are a God send to me...


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But you are alive and kicking...stay focused, fight with all you can and hopefully kill these demons invading your body...

Thoughts and Prayers for success and a long future...


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You are so right John, I am alive and kicking:) Above all else that is all that matters:)  Thank you:)


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