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Dr ending treatments 2 days early!

Vicki K
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Joined: Apr 2013

After the visit today, the dr's decided they had tortured him enough, and tomorrow will be the last radiation treatment.  I was so happy I cried!  She said they are well within the parameters of treatment, and the other 2 treatments left wouldn't make a difference.  

I suppose after looking at him again, and seeing how badly burned he is and how much he is enduring, they came right out and said "I guess we have tortured you enough".

Today he had a terrible morning, and to make matters worse, the silly dog jumped in his lap, while he had he eyes close and he wasn't covered up Cry.  He was in agony!  Poor guy has been so amazing throughout this brutal and barbaric treatment.  Just confirming again he is my hero!!

Let the healing begin after the last treatment tomorrow!!

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That is great news! You are his hero I'll bet too!!!! The next few days may be rough as the burning will continue but the next thing on the agenda will be the healing!!! In time this whole thing will seem so sureal, yet you will both be somehow stronger for going through it together.

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I'm sure you are both relieved to know that after tomorrow, no more zapping!  I hope your husband experiences the quick healing that so many of us have and that he is feeling much better real soon!

Vicki K
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Joined: Apr 2013

This site has been amazing, I have spent hours combing through here looking for tips/tricks to help him be more comfortable and also give him the encouraging words that everyone has been so gracious with.

Yes, we are SO ready to start the healing process.  I know it won't be overnight, be looking forward to this time next week, seeing improvement!!!

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Prayers for a speedy healing go out to your husband. I am sure you are prepared for the next couple of weeks. Extra protein in the diet, plenty of rest, and water. Hang in there. Your husband is blessed to have such a caring partner in this!

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