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Thanks to all Uterine Carcinosarcoma,MMMT people that have posted on here!

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Wanted to say thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences about this rare a cancer. I was  diagnosed with Mmmt May 2011, after postmenapausal bleeding at 54.I was stage 1A,they  did a hysterectomy removing ovaries,tubes,etc.I also had radiation treatment,but was told no chemotherapy needed.At the time I questioned both oncologists,but they said no.I had second stage breast cancer in 1987,had lumpectomy,radiation,chemotherapy.I know all of those treatments and the good Lord gave me 26 more years.My Mmmt cancer came back Feb.2012 ...I had surgery to remove my omentum which had a tumor in it,1 tumor was in para aortic  node,2 tumors were in the pelvic area,and 1 in my colon.Thats right, 5 of those buggers.While in the hospital had to have a second surgery because they nicked my colon,and Iam now on a temporary cholostomy bag.I then had 6 treatments of carbo/taxol.Had clean pet scans until April 13 this year,showing 1 suspicious lesion on my liver supposedly 1.9 centimeter.Dr. said it shouldn't be that hard to remove,so had a MRI today to give the drs. more info.Guess I'm going to get cut again,and I don't like it but whatever it takes to fight this I will do!I don't want to scare anybody that has this cancer,my struggles are not yours.We are all different,how we respond to the treaments  for this cancer.I just wanted the people that post about there experiences with Mmmt to know,you are helping many  of us that are silent.The past 2 years I have looked on here for guidance,help,and out of fear.Thank you again, for giving me the strength to go on.

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I'm as well a survivor of MMMT, stage 3C, diagnosed 2-09.  Had the total hysterectomy, removal of 24 lymph nodes and cancer found in only 1 lymph node.  Endured 6 chemo and 33 external pelvic radiation and NED today.

Might I ask what type of doctor you had at the beginning for hysterectomy and treatments?  Mine was a GYN/ONCOL and had some experience with MMMT so knew it was very aggressive, and we had to treat it as such.  I can tell you I've read of many whom have had stage 1 and done some type of treatments.  Wondering if so much depends on the doc's opinions or patient is pushing for/againist treatments??? Amazed how fast this cancer moved, but remember it's aggressive....gosh just hate to read this.  

Wonderful that you got thru 26 years NED with the breast cancer...there's hope!! 

Keep the faith.... as I'm reading between the lines you're just trying to go with the flow...what choice do any of us have.

Now that you've come out from behind the side of being a lerker, we'd love to hear more from you.  Remember, we all learn from each other.....and we're all in this together!!

Best to you,


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Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on here.I had the surgery to have the lesion cut for the liver.Got out of hospital about 2 weeks ago.I only needed to stay in hospital 3 days.Very large scar again,but I don't feel too bad.Havent really been given all of the info regarding the lesion,but sounds like its my second reoccurence.My surgeon did say that chemo probably would be a good idea.I've had  a gyn/oncol from the beginning.I just think the mmmt is so rare,that the drs. arent always sure what to do.I will be given more info in the next couple of weeks.Best to you!

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Glad to hear the surgery went well and you are recuperating.  Don't overdo.

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Thanks,I've been doing alot of resting.


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