Undifferentiated carcinoma


My mother (65) was diagnosed on 14/02/13 and the histopathology report states: "I think it is a Undifferentiated carcinoma. The EUA and the imaging suggest that this is a uterine carcinoma". The Oncologist has not given me a grade or stage despite me asking several times (in writting). I can guess from reading the CT scan repport that it is advanced.

She is receiving Carboplatin and Paclitaxel weekly (currently in 3rd cycle). This is making her very fatigued and recently very nauseous.

The surgeon at Poole Hospital, UK, says he can't operate.

We seeked a second opinion from the Royal Marsden, London, UK, they suggested the same chemo treatment as the oncologist at Poole Hospital and the surgeons there also said it is inoperable.

Can you please give me any info or suggest where I can find info on my Mother's cancer?

I would appreciate if anyone can share their experience on this cancer.

What treatments have people received?

Thank you in advance.

British Daughter


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    Hi British Daughter,
    This is

    Hi British Daughter,

    This is my very first post, although I have been reading and been inspired by this site for 3+ years.  Just wanted to share that "inoperable" may mean at the moment.  In my case, I had undifferentiated small-cell cancer (I was told it was very rare) & they could not operate...until the cancer had shrunk.  This meant a bunch of radiation treatments and chemo simultaneously for a few months, then surgery later.  It was a challenging adventure, but can be done!  That was 4 years ago now.  I'm doing fine.

    I wish you & your Mom the absolute best,

    How lucky she has you!