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Ovarian cancer vaccine

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Well I found a Dr.Janos Tanyi at the University of Penn that is an Oncologist and specializes in the Ovarian cancer research and vaccine trials. Also, they accepted my insurance whcich was very rare and got me all excited. Well I tried to make an appt for a second opinion and they got all my records. They just called me and said he reviewed my tests and I am not eligible for the trial due to a bowel obstruction I just recently had, even though it has been cleared. Also I am not a candidate for surgery because of my metastasis to the liver and there is nothing they can offer me. What a let down. What cancer patient wants to be told by an oncologist there is nothing they can do for them? Kinda pissed off right now!

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You can't let this disappointment get you down.  You have to realize this doctor is a researcher, not a general practicing gyn-oncologist.  He has to follow the study protocols very strictly, or his research is "disqualified." That is one reason why we have to be very cautious in interpreting research findings:  the data is true only for that very select population that was included in the study criteria.

I'm glad they reviewed all your records and talked to you on the phone, without you having the hassle of traveling to an actual appointment.

Hopefully, your regular gyn-oncologist still has some options for you.  Keep hope!

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Hi Shannon

I'm sorry you were not eligible for that trial! I don't know if you are interested but I just started a trial with National Institute of Health. They fly you for free. It is with PARP inhibitor drugs. 

This same trial is offered at Dana Farber & in Chicago. However, they don't fly you for free for all your visits. If you want more info, I will be glad to share.


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I can only imagine how frustrated and disappointed you were to get a big "no" to the vaccine trial.  Please don't lose hope.  From the discussions on this board, I've learned that it is possible to achieve NED (no evidence of disease) at stage 4.  I'm praying that your doctors have a game plan for you that will kick your cancer's butt! 



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Thank you Ladies for your response. My office reminded me the guidelines for trials are so strict, and re-assured me they are just reading reports and that my cancer has not actually reached into my liver yet. I feel better now, and will continue with the current trial I am on. I'm thankful for the Doctor I have now, and thankful to have you ladies here for support!

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