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Problems with dairy and protein drinks?

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Has anyone had difficulty after sx drinking protein/ ensure/ dairy drinks? They want dad to drink these but everytime he tried he gets terrible stomach ache. They said to only drink half the amount then but he still had it. He's only on soft diet and they wanted these to increase calories, any suggestions on other ways. I'm running out of ideas and he's Sick of eating the same old stuff. I am juicing veggies and fruit but he can only drink about 8-12 ounces daily.

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Larry has a very difficult time with dairy and protein. I try to ensure he gets enough protein from chicken meals. The doctor yesterday stressed how important it is for Larry to start on milkshakes, pudding stc for calories, but easier said than done. If you find something that works let me know! Good luck, praying.

P.S. Dont feel guilty about jtube. You are trying your hardest. I have read that several people have had that happen without doing anything at all. You are an angel.

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I have in the past posted lots of shake recipes.  Try Carnation instant breakfast mix with protein powder, icecream and milk......I know lots of dairy but my husband did fine with that even though ensure made him sick.

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Thanks for the recipes, FANTASTIC!! Dad did ok with ice cream and the essentials last night. I've been only buying protein drinks, didn't know about powder. What kind should I buy?

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