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**Some Dumb Blonde HA HA's - No Offense If You're Blonde**

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Question: If a blonde and a brunette fell off a building, who would hit the ground first?
Answer: The brunette - the blonde would have to stop for directions!



The assistant asked the blonde if she would like her pizza cut into six pieces or twelve.

"Six please" she said, "I could never eat twelve!"



A person went into the office kitchen one morning and found a new blonde girl painting the walls. She was wearing a new fur coat and a nice denim jacket.

Thinking this was a little strange, he asked her why she was wearing them rather than old clothes or an overall.

She showed him the instructions on the tin,

"For best results, put on two coats".



Two blondes were in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their car with a coat hanger.
First Blonde:

"I can't seem to get this door unlocked!

Second Blonde:

Well you better hurry up. It's starting to rain and the top is down!



Three blondes were walking through a field when they came across a set of tracks.

The first blonde looked down at the tracks and said,

"I think they could be bird tracks."

The second blonde went to look and said,

"No, I think these are deer tracks."

They stepped aside and the third blonde went over to the tracks. She looked down, then got run over by the train!



A blonde and a redhead went to the bar after work for a drink, and sat on stools watching the 6 O'clock news. A man was shown threatening to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge, and the blonde bet the redhead $50 that he wouldn't jump.

Sure enough, he jumped, so the blonde gave the redhead $50. The redhead said,

"I can't take this, you're my friend."

But the blonde insisted saying,

"No. A bet's a bet."

Then the redhead said

"Listen, I have to tell you that I saw this on the 5 O'clock news, so I can't take your money."

The blonde replied

"Well, so did I, but I didn't think he would jump again!"

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I am crying from laughing at these and my hubby thinks something is wrong.  laugh cute pink cat

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Too funny.  Thank you for posting.  Oh by the way, I'm bald does that fit in any catogory LOL

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bottled blond now (LOL) .. and I truly enjoyed these jokes.

Thanks for the good laugh today!

Vicki Sam


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Oh Susie.. You did it again, thanks for starting my day with a laugh!... I had to share them on my FB page for my BLOND granddaugher... Lol all in fun... she loves it!  God Bless!  Kathy

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Kristin N
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I always enjoy your posts Susie! 

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Thanks for the jokes!

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I love dumb blonde jokes! 

Thanks, Angie

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That last one took the cake!  LOL  Laughter is always good for us!

Thanks, Noel

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Sending these on, especially to all of my blonde friends! 


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