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OT, But This Really Sucks!

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Hubby is supposed to get out of the hospital tomorrow and I am sick. Last Friday, I started to feel achy, so I left the hospital, came home & went to bed. Lived with fever & chills all weekend and a steadily increasing need to urinate every hour. I thought maybe it was the crazy electrolyte stuff I had back in Jan. so my son brought Gatorade. I've never had a bladder infection before, but something doesn't feel right inside. Just feel like I have to go all the time & the feeling doesn't end after I go.

He is being sent home with IV antibiotic through the port, so Home Health will be coming out to teach me. He is still hardly mobile and uncooperative with everyone. He all but refuses to try & sip water. I can't get it though his thick skull that if he doesn't at least try, he won't be coming home. Needless to say, I need to be a lot closer to 100% to deal with this.

I'll call my doc in the morning for an appt., but just had to spit this out.

Thanks gang,



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PrayPrimary the antibodies work fast so you can have full strength. I empathize with you and having peeing issues. Mine was blockage so it felt like I had tobee all the time and nothing would come out. Get well soon.  Jeff

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Hey Wolfen. That sounds like a lot to deal with, especially if you're not feeling well yourself. If you don't feel ready or if you feel he is not ready to be discharged you should insist he stay. I have done this twice with Steve. Beats coming back to the hospital, dealing with emerg and triage and waiting for a bed....... Don't feel guilty. Maybe you would both benefit from a few extra days.


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Oh dear, bladder infections are nothing to mess with!  I had one last year, and I ended up in the emergency room so sick that I thought I was going to die.  My poor Rick had to drive me to the hospital, and then the doctor scolded me for waiting so long since he knew that I knew better.  So please try to get in to see the doctor as soon as possible since the severity of the infection can really sneak up on you.

take care,




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Just a hug, and of course well wishes.


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Could be a kidney stone also.  Shortly after my surgery I ended up in the ER because I couldn't stop feeling the urge to pee. It was horrible.  At first they thought it was just a UTI, but after a CT scan they saw that I had a kidney stone working it's way down my ureter!  Definitely ask them about this as a possibility.

Best of luck... hope you feel better soon!

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you need all your strength but sounds like you need to get yourself cared for and get additional help for your husband.  Easier said than done of course.  Private duty nursing care is typically out-of-range costs for most folks but I wonder if if your husband's doctor could order Medicare home health care. You could do this when your husband first comes home so that you can also have some respite and heal yourself while others are helping care for him. I know in a previous post you mentioned he has Medicare. This is from the Medicare pamphlet on home care services:


Medicare defines part-time or “intermittent” as skilled nursing care that’s needed or given on fewer than 7 days each week or less than 8 hours each day over a period of 21 days (or less) with some exceptions in special circumstances.

Hour and day limits may be extended in exceptional circumstances when your doctor can predict when your need for care will end.

Is this something that you can take advantage of in your situation?

Best -- Cynthia



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Sorry wolfen! I hope by now youve seen the doc and its a simple uti that will be quickly fixed with antibiotics!
take care of yourself...hard i know but important!

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but let us know how you're doing when you can, Wolfen.  We're worried about you!  If you have a bladder infection, it needs to be treated right away.  It can back up into the kidneys, and then it's very serious (happened to my mom, and she was lucky to survive).  Strength and love coming your way~AA

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I made it to the doc, peed in the cup, and was told I have a giant bladder infection, complete with blood in urine. So, I've got antibiotics as big as horse pills.

Then went on to the hospital. Got hubby home in a taxi van. He's not in good shape. He's got painful bedsores on butt. They were using an antifungal cream in the hospital, but it didn't work well, so my son picked up the scripts, a doughnut pillow, and desitin for him. He has absolutely no leg strength. Really hard to get him from recliner to bedside commode, etc. I'm hoping my grandson will pitch in tomorrow.

Just had a nebulizer for breathing treatments and a suction machine for choking prevention delivered. Home Health is coming to set up IV and it's my understanding they will come every day. I'm thankful for that.

So, that's it for now. Please send lots of strength to my hubby. I can't believe MDA wants to start chemo again this upcoming Monday. Maybe once they see the shape he's in, they won't yet. Kind of dammed if you do, dammed if you don't.



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So very glad you got to the doc and got meds for that infection.  Make sure you take in as much fluid as you can as most antibiotics can cause constipation.

I know you must have mixed feelings about having hubby home...glad to have him close, but concerned about his care.

Hope that you feel better soon, and that hubby shows some improvement under the tender care of family.

Prayers for you both,

Marie who loves kitties

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