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blood clotting factors

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I'm new to Liver Cancer forum becuase for the last ten years I have fought my way through two bouts with colon cancer. During my last treatment for colon cancer in 2011 with Folfox I developed Chemo-induced cirrhosis. My Onc was too important to pay attention to the symptoms and sure enough I am what they call a mid-level patient with cirrhosis. Just six months ago they discovered tumor on the lower right point of my liver. I guess I was fortunate in that they used a RFA and fried the tumor. They called it curative but I've heard that before. Currently, I am NED at least until May when more tests may find more cancer. But that's not my question.

I was wondering if anyone out there develped chemo-induced Cirrhosis and perhaps as I have discovered I bruise very very easily on my arms. My reserach suggests it is a lack of blood clotting factors. Can anyone suggest something that might work to help my liver with these factors and thus the brusing?

My  illnesses and experience with doctors has instructed me to not trust them or their advice. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank You Lou Swift

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Hey Lou,

I can't speak to the chemo induced cirrhosis as my cirrhosis is caused by Hep-C, however, I believe that if your INR &/or PT are not normal then a vitamin K supplement is one blood clotting method.  I would check on using this with your doctors, however just to be certain that in your personal case it is an appropriate answer to the problem and not going to endanger your health further. Self medicating is never good, so be sure to advise your doctors that you are using a suplement and that they clear it for you.

Good luck.

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