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Bowel movememts

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I seem to have bowel movements every time I urinate or close to it.  Not a lot but a little.  This was not so bad before I started maintenance chemo.  After treatment I am constipated - when I get over that I seem to go all the time.  Has anyone else had this problem.

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any tips for you but I am sure that there are others on the board that will respond. -- Best, Cynthia

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I also am constipated, and usually pass something three or four times when I do a wee.  WEEEEEEE!

Usually my constipation last about five days and then I go back to normal.

I'm on FOLFOX & 5FU. 


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I am on these as well.

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Very common problem for people when they have had a colon resection.  I can't remember, did you have surgery?  If so, it might be related more to that than chemo. I'm not sure what remedy is suggested for it...I've had problems with it myself, and it just seems to come and go kind of randomly.  You might ask your doctor about it, see what they can suggest.  I'm sure they've seen it before!  AA

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I fought this for a year.   A doctor friend told me that I should add bulk fiber, Oatmeal, Whole Grains to my diet.  It seems counter intuitive, but it works.  (Add mroe fiber when I am liquid.)


It took about three weeks before my body normalized.  I ate a bowl of Stone Cut Oats every morning for breakfast with a piece of fruit.  (I ate 8oz dry with water 16oz.  I am really active.)  About a week in, my bowels started to slow down. After the third week I became regular. I know have to eat Oatmeal a couple times a week to stay regular. I ate oatmeal every morning for about 4 months to get my body regular.  This even worked well when I started chemo again. (FOLFIRI w/Avastin)  It was not perfect during chemo, but better then with out oatmeal. After chemo another two days on oatmeal and pretty much back to normal. 


Best Always,  mike


I tried Immodium, lomotil, etc....  Oatmeal was a better choice.

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I haven't tried oatmeal.  Am eating fiber cereal.   A friend said I should try Gentle Move.  I have taken it for 3 days.  But am going to skip today, as it said to take it before bed and for the last two nights I am going.  So am going to try the stuff in the morning.

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