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Proton radiation

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Can anyone comment on Proton radiation over IMRT, it looks like I must chose one. 

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Not sure how reliable this is, but I had lunch with my Onc and a few others.  I mentioned that I was checking out proton theraphy for my wife's breast cancer.  They laughed.  They said it was just a toy that was no better, or effective than any other treatment, and the results were not promising. (maybe search results on web) 

My accountant had proton treatment.  He did not like it.  Too soon to tell results.


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My recent proton treatment went great. I got the cure and maintained Quality of Life.

Although IMRT is conformal radiation, it still is more invasive to healthy tissue as compared

to Proton treatment. The nature of the proton itself allows for radiation to be focused at site of cancer

and explode like firecracker sparing healthy tissue before and after site as opposed to IMRT where radiation

still passes through some healthy tissue before and after target similar to bullet passing. 

It was my experience that Doctors who laughed at Proton treatment were either protecting their 

turf or just did not know about the treatment.

God bless,

Rocky 6412


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The destruction left by my proton treatment was like a term used in Vietnam "Seach and Destroy". I think it takes about year to kick in and the destruction is like a Firecracker.


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Thanks for you comment, everthing you said I have been told. Can we exchange contacts by email and talk?

Thanks,   dcirrotti@hotmail.com 

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